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What tools are used metric or standard size for chrysler 2005 town and country?

Question 1
What tools are used metric or standard size for chrysler 2005 town and country?...  

1)   The majority of fasteners on cars built since the 80's are METRIC. Even the "american" cars. - viennatech

2)   SAE or what you refer to as "standard" - not 2 B fooled

3)   pretty much everything newer is metric. - sa05freshman91

4)   Wrenches and sockets. - badbill1941

5)   You use metric. Depending on what area you are working on, for smaller parts the most common sizes are 10mm, 13mm, 15mm. If you work on bigger parts you need 15mm, 18mm, etc I hope this info was helpful. Good luck - King

6)   Metric. But the lug nuts are still standard. - Jackolantern

7)   What a bunch of dimwits. Your vehicle is METRIC and so are your lug nuts, 21 mm by the way.

If that guy is a Chrysler Master Mechanic it is no wonder they filed for bankruptcy and closed most of their dealerships. OMG!

SCI, ASE Cert Tech since 1978, 1996 T&C,1995 and 98 Neonh - sci


Question 2
Is a chrysler 300 a good car to have?...  Is a chrysler 300a good car to have? what is its ratings and does it get broken a lot of is a very good car?

1)   The Chrysler 300 is a great car! Especially with the HEMI, it should be pretty much trouble-free. You shouldn't always listen to what people say, like Toyota is always know for its quality, but all I am hearing now is how the gas pedals stick. So Chrysler is regarded as crappy, but I have been a loyal Chrysler customer for 22 years and they were all trouble-free. The 300 is cool. - Adam

2)   They are very troublesome and expensive to repair. Electrical problems, suspension problems, transmission. They only thing good about them is the way they look. Stay away from them. - Mike

3)   I own one and love it. The car is a good car but like all cars have their downsides. The 300 series have VERY weak front ends. I have had to do the balljoints both sides twice in the past 4 years. $1000 each time was the minimal cost.

So some would say that is crazy expensive, others think not. For the quality of the ride and the enjoyment factor, I'm still driving mine! - viennatech

4)   The 300 was on Car&Driver's 10-best list when it debuted, because it has superior engineering. I went for a ride in one, and it was easy to see how it made the 10-best list. As far as reliability, Chrysler is above average, and there haven't been any major problems, unlike other companies. - Ryan M

5)   I own a 2004 300C and I really like it, but as much as I like the style,ride, and handling, it sure does like the repair shops. I've become quite adept at changing out cam sensors after having the dealer change out three of them in less than two years. I am now chasing down a thumping noise in the front suspension. In fact, the front suspension will be brand new when I install new lower control arms and sway bar links.I love my 300! I hate my 300! - Ken

6)   I have a 2005 Hemi 300. I love it. Its horrible in snow though! And its not very good on gas. But it is fast, and very cool looking! - Sarah

7)   Here are several website with reviews about the Chysler 300:

From what I've read the car isn't perfect but it a lot of people seem happy with theirs. - Amber K


Question 3
I have an 2001 chyrsler sebring. The mechanic told me it will cost 600 to replace the O2 sensor? Accurate?...  It seems a little high

1)   i think a bit overpriced try other mechanics shops - Mike

2)   That's insane! I'd say less than half. Maybe $250. - Love The Beast Falcon XB GT

3)   Call your local Chrysler dealer and ask the parts department what the cost of tow O2 sensor are. Then call autozone, or another parts store, and get a price from them. That way you'll know for sure if you're being overcharged. - Mike

4)   that is really high. they arent hard to replace and they usually range in price from $20 to $100. unless he is replacing 4 or 5 thats too high. - sa05freshman91

5)   If you know which one it is you can replace it yourself with an aftermarket for around 50 bucks or less. No programing is required afterwords. However, if yours is a coupe, that means it is made by Mitsubishi and some of their O2 sensors are a bear to get to. Still, $600 is way too pricey. - Jackolantern


Question 4
Is Chrysler going to go out of business anytime soon?...  Im looking to buy a 300c but I don't want to get it if they are going to be going out of business soon.

1)   the bird says nooooooo/they are trimmed and in good shape - ken k

2)   i hope so ! just like all the rest of the car factories they just make junk. - bandit_60

3)   I don't think so. They have re-grouped, and look pretty stable for some time to come. - badbill1941

4)   The jury is still out. They appear stable for now. It all depends how fast they get new models to market. Last month, 58% of their vehicles were sold to rental car companies. The public is not interested in their products.

The bigger reason to avoid a 300 is the horrible reliability history. Front end components, transmissions, electrical issues. The only good thing is the styling, which is getting old now anyway. - Mike


Question 5
i have a 2005 chrysler 300 and was just at the garage and i was told that i need my tie rods replaced.?...  the passenger side has some movement and the drivers side has very little if any at all. now do i need to replace or could it be the bushings. the car does pull a little to the right. at certain speeds it has some shaking almost like the rotors are warped. thanks

1)   it might be your suspension needs adjustment. the 300C has very soft suspension, so a lot of fast bumps not knock one side out of balance - Sibtain B

2)   If you have movement they are worn out. Outer tie rod ends are very poplular with the LX body. I replace several a month. - Mike J

3)   Replace your tie rods . You really don't want them to fail. - Ken

4)   This is a common repair on the 300/Charger. You should replace them soon. - Mike


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