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what are some cool accessories to put on a chrysler 300?

Question 1
what are some cool accessories to put on a chrysler 300?...  

1)   wheels, without those you can't go anywhere - Nathan S

2)   Nice wheels - jason

3)   A hot and sexy girl - Circus Duck

4)   You mean 300C? In that case: New grill! But wanted that myself and the sensor for holding enough space to the car in front of you when useing cruise is not working after change...

Some nice 20" will do it.

Lower it. - Bearcat


Question 2
i have a 2001 chrystler sebring and the insrtument panel lights all quit working?...  fuse not blown, any ideas how to fix this?

1)   It might have collapse or something, It's better that you take it to service otherwise you could do more wrong than right! - 10 Years Out & Proud!!!

2)   Other fuse blown. - F

3)   I worked on one of those and ended up getting a used instrument cluster from the salvage yard for like $50.00. It takes less than an hour to put it in.

Some of them have light bulbs that burn out and some, like the one I worked on, have a 1 piece flat underlay that 'glows' to backlight the guages. The ones with the underlay are not serviceable when they go out. The strange thing is that they have all the provisions for bulbs but have the underlay instead.

The good thing is, if you have to replace it, the vehicle mileage will show the same because the memory for it is stored in the computer and not in the instrument cluster itself like most cars.

Ofcourse, check the parking light switch and brightness dimmer switch for the instument cluster etc. etc. 1st .

I will say I've only seen this the one time. - Love The Beast Falcon XB GT

4)   You need either the dimmer switch, or an entire cluster. Check the salvage yards for both parts. - Mike


Question 3
with good credit and $3000 down how much will a 2006 Chrysler 300C SRT-8 HEMI be monthly?...  

1)   That would depend on the asking price, interest rate and number of months financed - You are missing 3 key factors in your question. - Designer~Wife

2)   They have online calculators for this. just Google "Car Payment Estimation Calculator" or something to that effect. - Garrett

3)   Depends upon the price of the car and the type of financing. - pearlmar

4)   Additional information needed to answer this question is:

your total purchase price
length of financing term
interest rate - stoney_girl76


Question 4
Multiple Cylinder Misfires on 97 Chrysler Van?...  The other day my Service Engine Soon Light came on my 97 Chrysler Town and Country Van. I went to Autozone, and asked the clerk to bring out the scanner. Here are all the codes it gave out.

P0300: cylinder misfire detected random cylinders
P0305: cylinder misfire detected - cylinder number 5
P0304: cylinder misfire detected - cylinder number 4
P0306: cylinder misfire detected - cylinder number 6

The Van has about 113,000 miles on it. The ignition wires look ok. I did notice that there is a fuel smell in the Van when I'm moving. Can anyone tell me what's wrong? Would I be able to fix it?

1)   most likely you need a tune up - Mike

2)   If you smell raw fuel from within the Van or engine compartment you should really take it
to a reputable mechanic as soon as possible. Don't let a fuel leak become a nightmare.

Post your findings when you get it fixed.

Good Luck to You - kevusaborn

3)   One thing that you could do yourself is one by one remove the spark-plug wires that go to the ignition module and use a wire brush on the connector then place the wire back into place bec rust or corrosion could be causing your problem.

Another thing that you could do is make up a wiring diagram of these wires and unplug them all then unplug the ignition module and remove its mounting screws then check the ignition module housing for any cracks or bulges or discolouring all are signs of a bad ignition module or internally shorted out module coils.

Bec it's just mentioning 3 cylinders I've a feeling that it's the ignition module causing this problem so be sure to not only change or clean the spark-plugs and re-spark gap them, check the plug wires and I'd be trying another ignition module in it regardless but again corrosion or rust can cause such issues due to moister build up etc.

Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way if you want to save cash and want to fix this problem yourself buy a service manual from walmart etc and go to a u pick auto wreckers look for fairly plug wires and a ignition module on a vehicle just like yours or one that has the exact same engine and simply remove them and try replacing them yourself but remember the plugs should be done so buy a set of new plugs. - helpful bob

4)   Your misfire codes are probably due to tune-up issues. OEM plugs are usually used up at 60K and the plug wires are good for about 100K. You need to remember this ignition is a DIS (DistributorLess Ignition System) and fires the plugs twice as often as a standard Distributor system, so @ 100K the wires and plugs have taken the abuse of 200K (for a dist system)
As far as your fuel smell, there was a fuel rail recall by chrysler on those minivans. Go into your nearest Chrysler dealer and ask them if there are any open recalls. Recalls don't cost you anything. While you're there you could ask them to evaluate your misfire issue. (Those back plugs are a bit of a pain to replace. I was a Chrysler Tech, I know) Hooking up an analyser (scope) to your system would pinpoint your misfire issue.
Good Luck with that. - pemillerblue


Question 5
why my 2000 cirrus goes in gear but wont move?...  I was driving down the road and my car just all of the sudden wouldn't go ,my rpm and mph gages were going crazy. I pulled off the highway my car kept running and restarted when i shut it off. But when i put it any of the gears it wouldn't go anywhere. when going from drive back to park grinding sounds were coming from the gear shift.It goes in all gears but when i push the gas petal it just reeves up.

1)   your clutch is probably out - twiztidjuggalette_Omy

2)   If this continues, you probably need to get the transmission rebuilt.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. - Alfonzo

3)   You need a transmission overhaul, without question. Around $1500 - $2000. Depending on the mileage on your car, it may cost more than your car is worth. - Mike

4)   the 604 transmission is a very popular and very accessible transmission meaning if you price shop you could be back on the road for around 1000$ hopefully its a solenoid pack that runs 200$ but unfortunately youll need to get a better diagnosis than Yahoo Answers :P -


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