Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I need a nickmane for my car?

Question 1
I need a nickmane for my car?...  It is a new PT Cruiser and it is a champaine color, any suggestions would help

1)   STOVE - ken k

2)   neon in disquise.. - Johnny Rotten

3)   Feminine: Chelsea, Lexanda
Masculine: Charles, Peter, Thomas - Emily

4)   The egg - Daniel

5)   L.C.P.O.P. - Little Champaigne Piece Of Poop - DER ALTE FIRZ

6)   Potato
Taco - travis


Question 2
Chrysler 300 vs.Dodge Charger?...  Back in the 80's the Ford Taurus and the Mercury Sable were the same car, just different name plates. Is the Chrysler 300 and the Dodge Charger the same, just different name plates?

1)   nope... - Derek

2)   Yes, same thing - just different badges and slight body work differences. - Richard R

3)   2 Different beasts

the Charger is the Testerone version of the 300 a fierce look and bringing back a lil nastalgia of the charger of the 60's-70's

The 300 is Chrysler's luxury ride.

Drive both for yourself and you will clearly see there is most definetly a difference -

4)   Same platform, same powertrain choices, but the 300 is positioned as being more luxurious and the Charger more sporty. Obviously the styling differs greatly. So in reality, they are two different versions of the same basic car, but they differ a lot more than the aforementioned Taurus and Sable did.

Also - if you're looking used, the Dodge Magnum was the same platform too, but the wagon didn't sell well so Chrysler dropped it a couple of years back. - PMack

5)   there are modest trim differences in the interior, and a different body on the outside, but the mechanicals are identical. - Mike


Question 3
What type of transmission goes on a 440 engine?...  This engine is a 440 that goes on a 68 charger. I don't know much, but the original tranny that it had was manual. Any extra advice would really help. Currently working on the car is well. Was wishing I could send to Overhaulin' but that show is done.

1)   Just sign the title and ship the car to me.

I'll send you pictures when I'm done. - Dave

2)   an automatic? probably a727 manual? where is dodge man when you need him..oh yea #####'s - mjmik1

3)   Stick would be the 18 spline hemi trans, and auto would be the big block 727 . - done wrenching

4)   For the 4 speed it would be a 23 spline a833 tranny...For the auto it,s a 727 tourqueflite.....Try for all your a833 needs....Including z bars and washers... - Johnny Rotten

5)   If the original engine was a 440 and originally a four speed transmission, try and stick with that combination, by doing so the value of the Charger will be greater. The transmission was referred to as a New Process 833, yours probably had a 23-spline input shaft, there was also an 18 spline input transmission but they were usually found behind Hemis and an occasional 440 and later the 440's with 3x2 carburation and you can find the 23 spline units without too much trouble. The data plate on the left side inner fender will tell you a lot about the car including what the original engine and transmission were.

Take a look at these sites, and for info on the New Process 833's.

If you want to use an automatic, you would want the 727 Torqueflight transmission for big block engines. These were found across the entire Chrysler Corp line of cars, Chryslers, Dodges, and Plymouths built between 1966-67 until 1978.

You might want to visit for a bit more info. - Don't know everything !


Question 4
how do you set the timing on a 2002 chryler 300 m?...  

1)   With a timing light. - badbill1941

2)   You don't. If you are talking about cam timing, there are marks to line up, diagrams found in service manuals. - done wrenching

3)   You don't. It is electronically self adjusting. - Jackolantern

4)   the cam and crank sensor does that for you, cam timing is a little more serious. put crankshaft at tdc (top dead center) mark, line up cam marks to the marks on the rear cover. now install belt starting at crankshaft working your way up to the cams and finally to the tensioner. - Baltracer


Question 5
1991 Plymouth Laser Timing Belt Broke at 40MPH, Am I In Trouble?...  Exactly what the question says, Am I in Trouble??? Bent Valves?? Worse??

1)   Take the head off and have a peek, its the only way. - matthew b

2)   never know til you start repairing it

its just possible when a timing belt or chain breaks that other parts are damage most of time its a valve
parts are moving inside motor and belt turns them once it stops the resty of the parts keep moing is what bents things you never know you have to check it to know either you take the heads off have them check for damage
or you replace belt then and try to crank it after have to check it either way - kelly_f_1999

3)   yeh like he said getting the head off is the only way to find out.. unless you can find a forum for plymouths, and ask how much interference the pistons have with the head (valves, stems etc).. bent/broken valves, scored bores and pistons is just about the worst case scenario - Kieren

4)   If it 's a 2.0 liter engine, yes, that means trouble....that engine is what's know as an "interference" type piston and valve arrangement where the valves will contact the piston in the event of a belt failure.
If you have the 1.8 liter engine, then no since that is a non-interference engine.

This link shows the difference between the two types at the bottom of the page. - paul h


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