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I lost the keys to a 1992 voyager, whayt should i do?

Question 1
I lost the keys to a 1992 voyager, whayt should i do?...  I lost the keys to my grandmas 1992 voyager, so should I get an ignition switch, or should we get a steering column? Which one is cheapest and easiest? Or if here is a better way what is it?

1)   go to the auto parts store and get a new ignition switch. - randy_ishere

2)   Go to the dealership with the VIN # and they can cut you a new key that will fit.

Best of Luck! - Dave

3)   EACH VEHICLE has its own KEY CODE that the dealer can research and then "cut" a new set of keys to use on the original ignition and locks. Don't buy anything else. EVERY CAR AND TRUCK HAS A CODE FROM WHEN IT WAS FIRST BUILT. GO TO A DEALER - fire_inur_eyes

4)   I would call a licensed locksmith. It should take them only a couple of minutes to do, and it would probably be the cheapest and it would be the best way to avoid any damage to the vehicle. Calling a Dodge dealership is a good idea, but they only hold on to the cars "key codes" for a couple years, if I remember the max is 10 years. - ippipal

5)   As far as the options you posted, I'd go with just a cylinder rather than replacing the whole column. Much easier and less expensive (unless there's other problems with the column, of course).

However, I'd try the local dealership first to see if they can cut a new key for you. You should be required to show proof of ownership and a picture ID. (proof of ownership is generally a title, registration receipt, or current insurance card) That means if it's in your grandma's name, she may have to go to the dealership to get the key cut for it, depending on how strict they are about cutting keys, same last name may be enough for some, some may require talking to the person who owns the car before cutting it, and some may not cut it for anyone else but the registered owner. A call to the dealer parts department will confirm whether they can get the code for your car or not (last I heard the parts guy say is they could go back to 1990, but that's been a few years back).

Some dealers may charge to obtain the code, but many won't and will simply charge for the key. Either way, it's likely to be less than calling a locksmith and having them come out and cut a key for it. Locksmith will charge a service call, plus the labor to cut a key, plus the key price. If the dealer can't get the code, then it's either a locksmith, or get a new cylinder.

BTW, if you replace the cylinder, ask for an "ignition cylinder" at the parts store. If you ask for a "switch", you'll get an electrical switch, not the key cylinder. Many parts stores won't take back electrical items, no matter what the reason for returning it. - Mark B


Question 2
How much should it cost to replace the automatic transmission in a Chrysler Crossfire?...  

1)   A good estimate might be 2000-2500. Automatic transmissions arent cheap...alot of the time it costs every bit as much as replacing the engine. Assuming the trans can't be rebuilt or serviced you can expect to hear around 2500 brand new from manufacturer. - Kevin

2)   It might cost you $2000, maybe $3000. These tranny's are not all made in the USA. Especially if you have the autostick. I just installed one for my sister's Sebring coupe for $3,345. - John J

3)   Why on earth do you need a transmission for a Crossfire already? Anyways, that motor is from Mercedes-Benz. Im pretty sure the transmission is too. (I hope that helps some) - redskyblackdream

4)   Approximately 1 butt-load of cash. - Dave

5)   How many miles do you have on this vehicle? Most Crossfires came with a 7yr or 70,000 miles warranty on the powertrain. Other than that if you are indeed out of warranty then most of these guys are right about the cost of replacing the transmission especially Dave at the estimate of 1 Butt Load. - redondo69


Question 3
Do Aerie push up pads work?...  hi i am a freshman in high school and I arent a 32AA yet but I measure my bust and its a 26 under the bust and a 28 inches on my bust. My mom is a 34A so dont tell me to wait until I am older because my boobs will probably grow, because they probably wont. I am really embarrased during the summer when I go to pool parties and people say I dont have boobs and also when I am with my sisters friends they all have boobs and I dont and they are 2 years younger than me. also I dont care about the stuffing issue because i am not a slut so I probably arent going to have sex in high school so I dont have to worry about people finding out I stuff my bra. please only answer if you have used Aerie push up pads because I want to know if they actually work. Help?!?
oh sorry i dont know why my compter put this in chrysler instead of beauty and fashion

1)   Umm, what has this to do with Chryslers? - Mikey

2)   If you really want bigger breasts save your money and when you are 21 get implants. For now you will just have to live with what you got. - tallbrian1000

3)   Well since you relize you are in Chrysler, heres a tip from a dad. I know kids are mean and its rough growing up, but in the long run you will find that your family loves you and boobs are not that important. Just be you and you will find your real friends and what is important.
Never met a woman with big boobs that was sucessful in life. Other than ho's - rick b

4)   just where are these located in the car - Steve


Question 4
what is 8.2 pt = L ??????/?...  help me please

1)   it's about 4 liters plus a little bit. - Alfonzo

2)   It's actually 3.8 liters. - mopar mayhem

3)   For each pint, multiply by 0.473176473. Thus 8.2 liters multipled by 0.473176473=3.88. - John J

4)   At the risk of seeming churlish; Who Cares? I'm English - pints I understand, litres are some disgusting European measurement forced on us.

So There :P - Mikey


Question 5
pt cruiser remote start?...  when we hit the remote start on the car all the bells and whisles come on but just don't start. the expert said that there is a hood safty switch that might need to be adjusted or it is bad but i don't now where the safty switch would be located under the hood

1)   After market device..... good luck check the SCOTCH LOCKS under dash at ignition wires, and yes could be hood switch, should be a button type push switch where the hood will meet the fenders or the front radiator support by the latch. Somewhere where the hood comes down pushing the switch closed. - bsunvalley4

2)   A number of companies now use a gravity type switch. I suggest looking at the underside of the hood, see if there are any wires running from the hood to the body. If so, you may follow the wire and find the switch. Good luck. - C-Tech

3)   hood switch on mine just grounds the remote so it don't start while ya got hands in fan or somethin.i just cut it off. - comunity idiot


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