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Do you think Chryslers are good cars?

Question 1
Do you think Chryslers are good cars?...  I have always thought they were but a lot of people don't like them because of quality issues these days. Tell me why or why not and btw by "Chrysler" I mean any brand made by that company.

1)   wasnt much 40 years ago
not much better now either

because of quality issues still remain they stil not up to par
a good reason

motors ok drive ok but break downs suck either way you look at it if you own one you spend more money repairing it than driving it

i going on my pass ive own 8 or so and every one had a problem
my dad own 8 or so ever one of his had a problem
and i date that back from 60s to today i have one park now waiting to be repaired
been driving 30 plus years ive not had a great one yet

because of quality issues a big deal - kelly_f_1999

2)   No. I do not think that Chryslers are good cars. It is one of the worst car companies on the planet, they haven't made a decent product in 20 + years. They're quality is questionable, at best, and they're designs are ugly. Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep are their primary US badges. It's great that Chrysler is being sold, maybe the next owner will improve design and quality.

GM and Ford are mostly equal in quality, I like Ford a little better. The new Camaro is better than the Mustang, IMHO.

Honda, Toyota and Subaru make the best cars. Consistently good quality. Every car company has recalls, the honda air bags and toyota gas pedals are no big deal. I notice that the engines, transmissions and drivetrains in those cars are just fine. Japanese cars and trucks are the best.

Mitsubishi is the Chrysler of imports. All crap. The Evo is a fluke. - SoT Shrike

3)   most of their cars have several recalls on them i wouldn't buy one - bo

4)   Chrysler's are just OK. I'd rather have a Chrysler than a Ford. More dependable.

Chrysler has always had a reputation for poor quality (sometimes it's justified, sometimes not).
Back in the day, when Lee Iacocca was in charge: I thought that, that company was going to make a REAL comeback, but they just fell back into their old ways, since he retired.
Lately the quality issues are with the paint quality and expense of replacement parts on Mitsubishi engines (V6's). I've also seen a lot of issues with the 2.0 & 2.4 4-cylinder engines in cars and 4.7 V8's in trucks.
On the plus side, having Jeep has helped them make better trucks. And their basic approach to designing a car has improved considerably in the past 15-20 years.

If they would just spend a little more on better quality parts and pay attention to the quality issues that come up......................... - Alfonzo

5)   You might want to ask that question about Toyota too. All automakers were driven to invest in technologies (robotics etc) that limit errors to their build quality. You may wish to visit this site for a company that tracks build quality and provides rankings based on the system described on its site:

Quality can vary from one plant to the other as automakers have plants in many locations. They are not all the "same" and sometimes there is variability among those from a manufacturer.

Understand that build quality is not the same as design quality. The Toyota accelerator problem is just such a problem. The company that built the accelerator pedals did so to Toyota's specifications as required but Toyota is responsible for the overall performance of their cars as the recall now shows. The choice of all design parameters is a trade-off of value, cost and weight since a car is basically a 'system of systems'. The buying public decides if an automaker's offerings represent value in the vehicle class relative tyo the compettiton. That is why one sees those Automotive magazines with reviews of various models that each have have Pros and Cons. Another factor is warranty and how a manufacturer reacts to warranty issues. The last determinant is often the dealers themselves and the sales and service levels.

Essentially your questions is a muti-faceted one and no one determinant exists so any response saying 'yes they are' or 'no they are not' can not be any more than a opinion and likely an uninformed one. - Fish

6)   Well, Ill answer by separating Chrysler into the 3 major makes, Chrysler Jeep Dodge.

Chrysler: Not that great, they have average- above average gas mileage and make for a good car for the elderly. Interior styling is sometimes cheap though, or just really plain. Best car is the Chrysler 300. Worst cars is the PT Cruiser.

Jeep: If you are looking for a reliable SUV, to drive the family around the city you are outta luck. You wont get good gas mileage with a Liberty. However, if you go for the smaller Jeeps, like the Patriot, then you will see that it is a great car. A base-patriot with the manual transmission can get 40 mpgs (5-6 L/100 km). And if you are looking for a car to have fun in, drive offroad, drive without any doors or roof, then the Wrangler is perfect. Best car is the Jeep Patriot. Worst car is the Liberty.

Dodge: What I consider to be the best of the 3 brands. All the cars are good, this is kinda the "sporty" division of chrysler. Performance is key. Considering that there is a large spread in vehicle prices, these cars are affordable to anyone seeking above average- great performance, as a new car will surely replace the Caliber SRT-4 for cheap horsepower (20 000$ for 285 horsepower!). Best car is obviously the Dodge Viper ( best for the money would be the Challenger R/T). Worst car is the Nitro.

I hope I helped - Lil Wayne The Game T.I.

7)   I personally have driven Chrysler, Plymouth, and Dodge cars for over 50 years. Mine have all been pretty darned reliable. - badbill1941

8)   I've owned mostly chrysler and chevy products for 35 years and have found them reliable with proper care. - done wrenching

9)   Consumer Reports does not recommend even one of their vehicles. The only one that I would consider would be the new Ram, but it's too new to have reliability data. They are simply not a quality vehicle, it's that simple.

There will be others who come on here, and say they have had no problems with their Chrysler products, but that is rare.

The mere existence of Chrysler vehicles keeps my shop busy. Stay away - Mike

10)   You should also consider that such a car may be expensive to insure. Check your insurance rates before buying one, for example here - - William


Question 2
how much are paint jobs for a 1998 plymouth breeze 2.0?...  

1)   The entire car, assuming you wont do a single thing before giving it to a professional, for a decent paint job, $2,000.

You can go cheaper, but it wont look good. - AlkalineOm3n

2)   i wouldnt spend money on that car - STATUS CAPO

3)   If you got the time to learn paint it yourself. It's not terribly hard just very time consuming to get good results. - David

4)   That will depend on where you carry the car for the paint job, and what type of paint job you want. So you are probably looking at anything from 250.00 to 2000.00. - toad


Question 3
i have a 1976 440 block for my 1971 Roadrunner! Need help getting more horsepower!?...  I am trying to figure out the best way to get maximum horsepower from a 1976 440 block. i know after 1971 the compression and horsepower dropped... People have told me to bore it out and also said something about a stroker kit??? any info about Boring and Stroker kits and what they will do???

1)   Boring it means actually machining cylinders to create more custom space.
So bored 30 over would be like adding 30 cid to your block
Stroking it generally means replacing engine parts and beefing it up to bring it's CID up (my 400 block is now a 452 "stroker".)

Do research on what you want either way you will be pulling your motor.
And if you have no experience with engine work I wouldn't attempt it.

Things for more horsepower
Swap intake manifold
New cam and valve train.
Performance cylinder heads
Sport exhaust - TSNE

2)   ok - by the time you spend the money to get "maximum horsepower" from the engine it would be cheaper to buy a crate motor (this assumes the block you have does not need to be rebuilt, which it likely does)

Lets just say you have a good running "fresh" 1976 440 and you want to make more HP
The steps I would take would be as follows
Phase I
1 - good dual plane intake, 750 CFM carb
2 - good dual exhaust system
Phase II
1 - Cam Change
2 - mill heads to increase compression
3 - Dual valve spings
4 - High Volume Oil Pump
Phase III
Forget phase I and II and Buy a crate motor - roadrunner426440

3)   Stroker is best bet. It will not cost an extreme amount more than standard rebuild, but will look stock and will make a ton of tire shredding torque, that will really haul even with 323's in the rear. - done wrenching

4) is a great place for the stroker kit...Check out the 472 ci stroker kit...Sure you can buy a crate motor and drop it in but what pride is in that?Build the motor the way you want...First of all the 76 block has a cast crank...You,ll have to junk that...Aluminum heads are the way to go now a days...A purple cam shaft from mopar performance is a good choice..Some mopar guys will tell you to use the cast 915 mopar closed chamber heads...This is old school and you,ll have to run race fuel or additives just to make the car run...Building your own motor is like building your own car...Then you can say you built it and not bought it!!!! - Johnny Rotten


Question 4
how much would it cost to repair the engine on a 2002 CHRYSLER SEBRING LX?...  the engine burnt out....

1)   depends what you mean by "burnt out" there is no such thing if it caught fire then it is not repairable or exchangeable and a new engine will cost a lot of money - Harley Drive

2)   A good used engine - about 1500-2000 plus about 600 to 1000 installation depending on the shop rates in your area. A rebuilt engine - about 2000 and up. This is for thr 2.7 V-6. - C-Tech

3)   Your Sebring likely has a 2.7L V6 engine. It will cost you around $3,000 to rebuild it. Honestly, it's probably more than the car is worth.

Chysler should be embarassed about these engines, because so many fail, but they don't give a s*it. It's disgraceful and an insult to consumers. - Mike


Question 5
Chrysler 300 touring help?...  I am interested in buying this car for 10,900$ for the asking price with 50,000 miles and it is a 2005

lots of questions about the car
is it a good car for snow because ive read that it handles fine because of how heavy it is even if it is RWD.
also is there anything that I should look into before buying it that is concerning
or just any pros and cons of the cars that will help me decide if the car is right for me
any advice will help

1)   Their nice cars but kinda cheap looking on the inside to me. For that amount I would think you could find a nice Cadillac from around the same year plus fwd cars are better in snow and most Cadillac's are fwd. - David

2)   if its the 3.5 be concerned by a rocker arm issue. Listen well to the engine, but sounds like a heck of a deal. Good luck with your purchase :) -

3)   I own this exact car. 05, with the same miles, etc. That is a REALLY GOOD deal. Dont listen to the other guy saying its a bad deal. Thats an awesome deal....and you have NO CHANCE of getting the cadillac cts(awesome car to) for that price.

A nice CTS with the same mileage and year will run you $15K.

The car is HUGE....its going to be 25% larger than a CTS and the truck space...I have put 4 gigantic suitcases in it with 0 problem what so ever. Its huge. I mean texas huge....backseat i can get 3 people in it comfortably. I live in Chicago and never a problem with it in the snow.

I would have a mechanic look over the car tho because its a really good deal, so i would just make sure it hasnt been wrecked, etc. - UF Gators


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