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were you know aboult englısh everything ?

Question 1
were you know aboult englısh everything ?...  

1)   Engrish prease? - Miranda

2)   Possibly - Facile Princeps

3)   yeah, we bad...we bad...

now go get me a milkshake, bwa!... - I am the SUN. WORSHIP ME!

4)   Close cover before striking. - Bardic

5)   Your question is impossible to understand. - Tufty the Squirrel

6)   ? Me no understand Me fink Google Translate 8-) - tinkerman

7)   Your computer will change your language to English quite easily or the other way round also. - Zimmer


Question 2
What does PT stand for re: PT Cruiser?...  

1)   The name PT Cruiser includes the initialism PT, standing for and designating the car's platform as well as production code. The name also recalls the 1930s line of Plymouth Trucks known by the "PT" moniker. - louis88

2)   How about a Poor Truck, they are junk, based on a neon platform, cheap undersized parts, lots of troubles! - onlyoldiron4me

3)   The Chrysler pre-release literature (from 1999, for release in 2000) states that it stands for "Personal Transportation".

There may have been some other references internally by the workers for the PT, but their official stand is "Personal Transportation" - Mark B

4)   Mark B is correct, it stands for Personal Transportation. - Mike


Question 3
How to set the clock for my 1990 Plymouth Acclaim?...  I just bought my first car-- a 1990 Plymouth Acclaim-- and for some reason I can't figure out how to set the digital clock. I consulted the manual that came with it, but it just says to check a separate manual for instructions on how to set it. I don't have the other manual, so I was just hoping somebody could tell me how to do it. I would really appreciate it.

1)   You should have gotten a Ford. - Crest C

2)   If the radio is factory installed you should find two small holes on the right hand side of the radio with a H and a M under them. Turn the radio on and punch with a ball point pen in the H for the hour and M for the minutes. - James

3)   James could be correct but I think the H and M came a little later about '92.

I think on the '90 models you had to use the "SET" button on the radio to set the correct time. You pushed the SET button until a single number digit was displayed on the dial, this was the hour, turn the station tuning knob until the current hour is displayed, press the SET button again and two digits will be displayed, this will be the minutes, again turn the tuning knob until the current minutes are displayed. I believe you press the SET button again until the radio frequency is displayed and you're good to go on time.

The radio must be on to accomplish this and my directions could be off a little but that is the basic idea, the SET button must be used to set the time and it is also used to set the radio stations to the buttons under the display. If I remember correctly, the volume knob is used to set the display to showing the time after tuning a station, the frequency will be displayed for five or so seconds than will change to the time. If you wish not to see the time push the volume knob and the time will not be displayed just the radio frequency. - Don't know everything !

4)   the answer from "don't know everything" is correct. i worked for Chrysler at the time, and what he is saying is dead on. i hope the car works out well for you. - Mike


Question 4
MY pt cruizer, Has a problem please help?...  It does not change gears, and speedometer quit working, before this I changed battery, first un plugging the positive. The vehicle speed sensor has been changed, the output , the shop said it is not the input. the code in vehicle says abs or ab5, and alb bag......

1)   It's time for a new car.
When disconnecting, and reconnecting a battery, NEGITIVE FIRST. Without a ground, power surges, when reconnecting, can't happen. Like sounds like what happened to your anti-lock brakes, air bag, and control module. May have fried the CCM. the main computer, that tells the tranny when to shift, speed sensor goes through there too. Spedo's don't work on a cable anymore, pulse train. Electronic. You didn't happen to notice a spark when you reconnected the battery, did you? - Joe Blough


3)   DA KING is dead right. You need a speed sensor. - Mike


Question 5
How do Sebring Convertibles handle in the winter?...  I live in Upstate New York where the winters can be long, cold, and snowy...would a Sebring Convertible be able to handle that kind of weather and still function normally?


1)   Any car can be driven in the winter. However a convertible is not the best choice for areas with severe winters, especially if you have to park it out doors. The soft top isn't made to stand up to snow loads. The tops also leak air along the door lines, no matter what you do and no matter how well they fit. And as to fit all convertible tops shrink over time. The newer tops aren't as bad as they used to be but they still have some shrinkage. The shrinkage adds to the air leaks and to water leaks during rainy weather. I love convertibles but have always told people who asked my opinion that unless they just couldn't live without one they should not consider it if it's to be their main or only means of transportation. People are a lot happier with convertibles when they use them as "nice weather" drivers. That's why they're a lot more common in the Southern part of the country and California. - mustanger

2)   Do you already have one? If so it should do fine it is front wheel drive. If you are thinking of getting one don't these are the least reliable cars in the US. It will be a constant drain on your wallet. - Marty

3)   I live on the opposite side of the border, in Canada, just north of Buffalo, so I understand your concerns about winter weather. The Sebring convertible will do the job just fine. Keep in mind that any vehicle with a vinyl top is not going to be as warm as a normal vehicle. Also, the vinyl top will wear out, given the cold winters and hot, humid summers. If this is a used Sebring with a 2.7L V6 engine, I would not buy the car. There were too many problems with oil sludge buildup in the engines. It's a hugely expensive repair. I don't disagree with the other poster, these are, in general, unreliable vehicles. A Mustang convertible is a much better choice, at least from a reliability standpoint. Best of luck. - Mike


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