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Why is Chrysler sitting at the free money trough with Ford and GM?

Question 1
Why is Chrysler sitting at the free money trough with Ford and GM?...  Ford and GM are publicly traded companies and their stock is subject to impact average Americans and their retirement plans. I don't agree with a bail out, but I see why they are at the table begging. I can't believe no Senator or Representative in either of these trips to Washington asked Chrysler why they were there also. They are a private firm held by a private company that has plenty of money. If they need money shouldn't they just ask the parent company for it? Are we really going to give a few billion dollars to a hand full of guys that already have a few billion dollars in the bank?

1)   Ok first of all FORD has taken no money at all! GM and Chrysler are the one's that got the bailout. Ok the reason they need the money....GM alone have well over 250,000 retired employee's, they get full health benfites and average 4k a month. Do the math for 250,000 people and it add up to ALOT of money. SO do you want GM to say the hell with the retired employee's and not pay them anymore? They are in alot of debt. They dont have billions like you think they do - BlueDog

2)   Ford did not take any bailout or taxpayer money. - Kenny

3)   Interesting that you have this chat well after the hearings etc. Ford did not take any government loans. GM and Chrysler were bailed out because the size and scope of their total collaspe would have thrown the country and world into a deeper financial bind. Considering the auto suppliers which would have been dragged down by their failures, all auto production would have ceased for awhile in the U.S. - C-Tech

4)   I'm sorry. Did you have a question? - Dave

5)   Yeah, the big 3 have the govt buffaloed.

All 3 are cash strapped. Chrysler is a fairly new company that is privately held and does not have the backing of a huge number of stockholders. Daimler still holds 20% of Chrysler, but Daimler is not interested in putting any more money into the company. Chrysler's intent is to eventually buy out Daimler.

But Ford and GM need Chrysler to keep out of monopolistic charges. For example, if there were only 2, and one of them did not offer a specific product, the other company could claim monopolistic practices and the lawyers would get rich at our expense. Back in the '60s, GM financed Chrysler's greater warranty program in order to keep Chrysler afloat.

If the car makers were smart, they would crank out a high quality model and private lable it to the other car makers. Like Toyota Matrix does for the Pontiac Vibe. Why should each company produce very similar models? All cars are going to look virtually alike because fuel economy dictates a shape that moves through air efficiently. - Kelsie

6)   Chrysler is not a private firm,lona. They have stock holders just like the other companies. And they don't have a parent company either. Chrysler wouldn't be there if they hadn't got caught up in the recession like everyone else. But if you remember the company went through this before Lee Iaccoca took over in the late 70s'. After that time Lee asked the government for 4 billion to keep the company from going bankrupt. Chrysler repaid the loan with about a year and a half to spare. One reason the big three got in the mess wasn't really their fault either. People wanted big stuff to drive. SUVs' big 4 door trucks,etc... And all these got terrible gas mileage. The Big Three had to build them to compete or loose business. Then gas went to $4.50 a gallon and stopped the sales of the big stuff. The recession was the last straw to a troubled auto market. Ford hasn't asked for a bail out....yet. Remember lona, every coin has two sides. And so does every story. - Jackolantern

7)   The way they ended up with money was to sit around in nice suits and convince other people to let them use their money. It’s called using other People’s Money, or OPM. In that business you never leave any cash on the table. Other People’s Cash. If legislators are dumb enough to stack the thousand dollar bills to the ceiling, no Wall Street type is going to leave a dollar on the table.

And they don’t have that much money either. You see money is *all* they have. Once that is gone the show is over. No more yachts and cigars. And if you publicly blow all your money on a bad investment, the OP are somewhat reluctant to let you manage any more of their M. - cerbberi


Question 2
Dodge/Chrysler reliability?...  Is a chrysler 300 awd and dodge charger awd reliable. About how long will they last and is one more relaible then the other?

1)   Dodge/Chrysler reliability cant say the two word and say Dodge/Chrysler neither are reliable

can look that up there about 33 or more better
they stop making cars that was better than any Dodge/Chrysler
you can get a 20 yrs old ford or chevy thats better than any new Dodge/Chrysler

cant say this any better want a car that last without many problems dont look at any Dodge or Chrysler - kelly_f_1999

2)   They are the exact same car with a different body and interior. Both of those cars are pretty reliable too. - emiller1998

3)   Some people just repeat what other have claimed with no personal knowledge. The 2 cars you ask about are fairly reliable. Very few are towed in for engine, trans, or electrical failures regardless of the engine and trans combinations that are in them (an improvement over the Concorde and Intrepid). The only common failures I've seen are egr valves at about 70,000-100,000 miles, carbon build-up on the valves in the 3.5L V6 when then are heavily driven in stop-n-go traffic, and the self inflicted problems by the so-called customizers who don't know how what they are doing. For the money it is probably the best full-sized car you can buy. I have seen them used by salespeople (especially the Dodge Magnum) and go well past 100,000 miles in less than 3 years. - C-Tech

4)   The chrysler 300 and charger are very reliable vehicles. What you need to know is they share mercedes benz parts. - Jacob


Question 3
Where is the impact gas shut off if any for a 1990 Plymouth Sundance?...  i have a 1990 Plymouth Sundance and i recently got into an accident. The car sounds like it is trying to start up but no gas is getting to it. Does anyone know where the impact gas shut off is for it?

1)   Try looking in the boot for a red button. They are often sited near the gas tank. - nosdda

2)   Are you sure you have one ?? That year was right around when they were mandated by the gov. - rick29148

3)   There is no Fuel Pump Reset. The Fuel Pump has a Fuse, Relay & the circuit is controlled by the computer.
If the Fuel Pump is not working, then you need to check Fuse & Relay.
If they function, then Test Fuel Pump

Read more: - Rocky

4)   It doesn't have one. If it"s trying to start that means it is getting some fuel. Check the pump pressure. If should about 30 lbs. If it is lower than that replace the pump. - Jackolantern


Question 4
what is the easiest way to tell if the timing belt broke on a 2004 sebring?...  

1)   The cam shaft will stop turning causing a piston to strike an open valve, and your engine will IMMEDIATELY stop running. Expect MAJOR repairs. - Peedlepup

2)   if you look in the engine bay the belt will be broken. - mitsukid124

3)   Take off the oil cap and you should be able to see a few of the rockers. Have someone crank the engine and if the belt is intact you will see the rockers move. If they don't move you have a broken belt. And probably some bent valves.
Best of Luck! - Dave


Question 5
How do you reset the automatic shut down for the fuel pump on a 1990 plymouth sundance?...  i got into an accident and i dont know how to reset it because my car is not getting fuel now

1)   There is no Fuel Pump Reset. The Fuel Pump has a Fuse, Relay & the circuit is controlled by the computer.
If the Fuel Pump is not working, then you need to check Fuse & Relay.
If they function, then Test Fuel Pump

Read more:
. - Rocky

2)   There is also the auto shutdown relay that could be screwed up. But it is not like the ford inertia switch. - done wrenching

3)   I'd try disconnecting the battery for a few mins then see what it does once you reconnect it , but it should reset the whole comp system and therefore back to factory default settings.Also check the area that you hit on the vehicle a wiring harness could be pinched or stretched or a wire could be broken etc.Look for places were the harness bends etc and were harness's meet up by the fender walls etc.

Hope that helps and best of luck. - helpful bob


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