Friday, January 29, 2010

is a 2002 pt cruiser good car?

Question 1
is a 2002 pt cruiser good car?...  I am looking 02 pt cruiser is it good car? 84k miles.

1)   For an '02, 84k is okay. No way of knowing what's going on inside, but, as a whole, the PT's seem to hold up just fine. Know several people who are on their second one. - rick29148

2)   NO well if you just wanted it for looks maybe, Oh wait its ugly. Or maybe you want it for the performance, Oh wait its slow and soft. Then again you could be looking for a reliable car, but its one of the worst put together cars in history. The mileage isn't that low and its not super fuel efficient. I really can't think of a reason to buy one. Well maybe a gag gift. This question was probably a joke wasn't it. - vanhalenftw

3)   I own a 2002 its a good car if it was maintained - pickmefirstplz

4)   Not at all.. Despite the lack of power and overheating problems, it's still not a good car.

Everything in the engine compartment it packed in there, meaning it takes longer to replace things, as well as being more costly.... - Dombrus


Question 2
I have a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica. The engine oil light comes on when the vehicle is not moving?...  The oil level is full. The engine oil light seems to not come on at all after driving for about a half hour when the engine warms up. I'm thinking faulty oil pump?

1)   the engine oil light is a serious problem. they only come on when the oil pressure is lower than 3-7 psi. The light is basically telling you to shut off the engine because you have no oil pressure at all. It's a stupid light that only comes on after you may have already done damage to your engine.

it is strange that it shuts off after awhile because the oil would get thinner making pressure drop. you may have put the wrong oil in and heating it up is thinning it and fixing the low pressure. - krazydrunkkkk...

2)   You should have the oil pressure wet tested. It's a relatively quick and inexpensive test to determine if you have an electrical problem or the light is indicating the engine's oil pressure accurately.
Hopefully, it's an electrical concern - but if you assume this, you're risking serious engine damage.
Note: The oil pump is the best lubricated part in the engine and generally low oil pressure will be caused by other concerns rather than the pump itself. - LeAnne

3)   Try testing the oil pressure, where the switch screws into the block. If the pressure is good, you may have a bad sending unit. - badbill1941

4)   It is probably a problem with the oil pressure switch. Some of them develop a vent failure and need to be replaced or modified. The problem becomes more evident when the engine is warm. Even at the dealer, the repair should be around $100 or less. Good luck. - C-Tech


Question 3
where can i find parts for my 1966 chrysler 300?...  i need a set of quarter panels and fender skirts for my 1966 chrysler 300

1)   There are a few car clubs devoted to Chrysler 300s. You best chance of success is to post your question on some of the club websites. Just Google Chrysler 300 car club. - Howard L

2)   search on amazon may be you'll find what you need - informasi

3)   Try contacting the Walter P. Chrysler car club. - badbill1941

4)   these 2 sites have alot of sheet metal for all the older cars. also there carisle that place would have it. good luck - 350Z


Question 4
1995 plymouth neon wheres the fuel pump located on the gas tank?...  trying to figues out it the fuel pump on the top of the tank or along the bottom of the gas tank

1)   on top in it - ken k

2)   It's through the top of the fuel tank ,you will need to drop the tank in order to get to it ,i'm not sure about your car ,but on some vehicle's you can remove the back seat to reach the fuel pump. - Handyman

3)   Fuel pump is located inside fuel tank. Drain fuel from fuel tank. Remove drain tube cap located on fuel pump. Connect a hose to opening and drain fuel into a container. Using a hammer and brass drift, tap lock ring counterclockwise to loosen. Remove lock ring, fuel pump and O ring from tank. Always use a new O ring.

Here's a pic - Honestly


Question 5
what color chrysler 300 should i get?...
what the best color and why

1)   Black. It shines the best. - Patrick

2)   champagne, that's a classy car - billy25685

3)   GOLD - bleed_rebel_shy


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