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If a timing belt on a '93 PT Cruiser breaks, does it blow the motor?

Question 1
If a timing belt on a '93 PT Cruiser breaks, does it blow the motor?...  My wife was driving her PT Cruiser, stopped at a red light and while sitting there the car died and would not start. We were told that if the timing belt broke then we would need a new motor. Just looking for a second opinion.
Sorry for the typing error, it's and '03 PT Cruiser, not a '93.

1)   Good idea to get a 2nd opinion - it is possible that there is damage to a valve(s) or other parts, so it's best to get 2 or 3 estimates/opinions as to what is needed for repairs and costs; regardless, the vehicle will not need a "new" engine, but a rebuilt one, at a much lower price. If you are mechanically inclined, then you can get a repair manual at an auto parts store, and at least remove the cover for the timing belt and maybe a rocker cover for the valves - that way you will have an idea of what is wrong so that you will not get ripped off - not 2 B fooled

2)   The 2.4l will not bend valves, I would recommend having the belt replaced and have all of the timing related pulleys checked for wear and replace as necessary.
Even if any valve was completely open and that piston reached top dead center it would not contact the valve. - buddy_236

3)   the first PT was 2001 - pickmefirstplz

4)   It can only bend some, but not all the valves because all the valves can't come in contact with the pistons tops when the belt broke. Just the ones that are open at the time the belt broke.. Sometimes this happens and it doesn't bend any valves, and sometimes it bends 3 or 4. I recommend you replace the belt, start the engine and see if any were bent. If they are, you at least didn't remove the head and might have found none were bent. - Jackolantern

5)   No, had same thing happen to a customer yesterday except she was driving on the highway. 03 PT Cruiser 2.4. Replaced the belt today and all is fine. - p3200tmz

6)   I would think not.When the belt breaks, the engine stops. - badbill1941


Question 2
Do y'all think that a Chrysler 300 C is a slow ride, show off, bling car?...  Im looking to buy a show off, slow ride but not to expensive cars between $15,000-$30,000 kind of range, just wanted to have y'alls opinions.

1)   Yea the 300C is really popular in shows. You can find them in your price range. You can get a really nice one for about 25 - CelticsFanBoy92

2)   dodge mega-cab thats a head-turner and plenty of room in the back seat - buddy d

3)   its a show off car especially if your adding new rims alone. Also a dodge magnum is a show off car and a 2005 chrysler crossfire srt/6 its 16,995 its show off and bling car all in one - Q

4)   You could buy a dodge charger for that money and bling it out all you like.

Dodge Charge shares the same platform as the Chrysler 300. - Raider3

5)   Very impressive looking car for the money. The only thing that kept me from buying one is this is the same car Obama was driving before he got elected and I don't trust his judgement on anything! - poppop


Question 3
What do yawl think of the Chrysler 3000?...  Its my fav car and alot of people hate it and say its gay:(

1)   Aside from being ugly and performing horribly...they aren't reliable and therefore yes they are quite "gay". Don't waste your money...don't buy a chrysler at all. - Theneelster

2)   its a dodge product.what do you want us to say.its reliable haha. - kawasaki

3)   Dont you mean a chrysler 300? lol. I love it. Its nice and big. Its luxurious. The interior is well put together. They are built strong and tough. Dont listen to people say there gay. They arnt gay in any way, shape or form. Its a car that is able to handle more than people would think. The only thing you really need to pay attention to when i say this is... DO NOT GET THE 2.7 LITER. You really need to avoid it. Its a bad motor. You gotta get either the 3.5, 5.7, or the 6.1. Those are all very good, powerful reliable motors. And i would know because my stepdad works at the chrysler plant building the engines for them. So i hope this helps,. dont listen to anyone and there dumb opinions and take my facts. Good luck.! - Corey

4)   theres no such thing as a chrysler 3000! - James

5)   sue for chrysler exposing me during my whole pregancy to nitrogen oxide!!

three years my engine would emit nitrogen oxides at levels wich exceeded california law thats a good thing to know you drove a car everyday breathing in that stuff my biggest fear is it can hurt a fetus and a newborn baby. i just got this emissions recall today, i had a baby during the entire time the car was a toxic fume polluting the air and i was breathing in what would you do? - Andrew


Question 4
73 duster with a 360 and want to swap for a 383?...  I have a 73 duster with a 360 and i want to up it to a 383 and i was wondering what i need to do this and if any one has some info to help that would be get thack you

1)   pretty simple car with a large engine bay so it should not be that hard. you need to make sure it will fit your transmission first of all and if not get a new one. You need to fabricate new mounts for the engine this can be tough as you will not find any pre-made ones. make sure all of your hoses and pipes fit the right size holes on the engine and if they do not you will need quite a bit of work to make them all fit. - ewizard09

2)   You need to change trans and mounts, brackets etc. I'd build a 418 or so small block, so you can use existing trans and hardware. The strokers are getting cheaper to build all the time. - done wrenching

3)   You have a lot of work to do. Along with the engine, you will need to alter engine and tranny mounts, tranny, t/converter, flex plate, drive shaft, throttle & shift linkage, etc. - badbill1941

4)   Hey it,s really not a hard swap to do...You can get all the big block conversion parts at,s 159 bucks....Thats for the motor mounts..You will not have to change the k member...You,ll need a complete motor,tranny and be sure you get the tranny mount....Me i,d go for a 440...Check out for all the cool stuff at great prices including stroker kits....Hey you can punch out that 383 to 472 at a really reasonable price!!!!Mopars Rule!!! - Johnny Rotten


Question 5
I have a 97 chrysler LHS and it wont start after it sits overnight,good batt,starter,it take an hour to start?...  

1)   does it have gas? i know at first it sounds stupid, but when it is cold you should have at least 1/2 tank at all times. if the tank is too empty water can condense in the tank, then when it gets cold freeze in the fuel lines. the reason it would take an hour to start is because the ice has to melt. try "HEAT" in the tank and make sure it is 1/2 full or higher at all times - battle_the_beat

2)   go to the nearest automobile dealer and trade that chrysler piece of junk in, It's to bad you didn't get rid of it in the cash for junk program a few months ago - S D

3)   My guess its is is your fuel pump. - Wallstreet 3

4)   maybe u have corosion on ure battery - Jhon


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