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Viberating steering wheel.?

Question 1
Viberating steering wheel.?...  Steering wheel vibrates/shakes when I apply a break and only when breaking. its an 04 Sebring sadan and the rotors have just been replaced.

1)   Perhaps a warped brake disc. If so it will need replacing. - Gavin

2)   Maybe because when you brake it makes the car lean foward and makes it viberate? - Phillip T

3)   take the car to get the alignment done. - Smutty

4)   Were the pads replaced? If not then you need new pads? Are you sure the rotors were replace and not resurfaced? That's a sign that you need new brakes. They could have made a mistake I would take it back to where you got it done. If a dealer did it and they tell you its because they're getting "Hot" thats a lie. Cause my dealer told me that but I know more about cars than they think. Sometimes they won't replace the brakes for whatever reason. - Sarah

5)   could be that they didn't properly align your rotor to your brake calipers. I'd go to another automotive shop and see if they put new rotors or re lathed rotors on. the re lathed can sometimes come out uneven and cause brake pulse. hope this helps. :-) - degenerate deviant

6)   it sounds like a possible strut issue, your struts would vibrate if they are loose or starting to break - sailboatsandbutterflies

7)   I can put my head on a block for this but there are only three possible things that could be wrong. Thanks for eliminating the rotors for me. They are in order of rank.
1. defective tire. one has lost pressure relative to the other or has been damaged from a pothole or something. Steel belted tires deform like this.
2. Your rim has a defect. It is not perfectly round due to even slight damage. Rotational forces would increase and be unstable
3. bad front caliper.

let discount tire check out your front tires by balancing them. - Geoid

8)   Somebody messed up the brake job. - done wrenching


Question 2
2006 Chrysler Sebring a good car?...  this car is a 2006 Chrysler Sebring, this is a base model and it has 57k miles on it
the dealer is asking for about 6000 dollars. is it worth it?
its a 2.4 engine

1)   No. They blow head gaskets and aren't worth more than a grand once you buy it. - Halo

2)   If it has the 2.7 engine stay away. I don't know why but we sell a ton of parts for the 2.7 engine. - Mark

3)   if you had read it says it's a 2.4L 4 cyl

they are good cars,dumb people with crap credit go out to buy here pay here lots and buy their high mileage junk that's been abused its whole life and then get on the internet and give them bad remarks cause they had to walk to get their evening dose of crack

its not a great price but it is fair,its about wholesale price and miles are just over average for the year model,do a carfax or an autocheck on it and check its history,better yet if it from a dealer ask them you want to see both make them provide it for you so that it doesn't cost you,i gladly do it for any of my customers,might even be worth going to spend a few bucks and getting a factory dealer to look over the car and make sure its on the up and up

i am an auto dealer and sell more stratus' and sebrings then any other car made,all my cars i go over and check out unlike other that just advertise they do,if you do good maintenance on it it will serve you for a long time and don't forget to service trans when it comes time and the car will last

the 2.7L v6 people down because most people don't change oil any more like they should and when they do they rarely put the correct weight in it that the car calls for so therefore it will cause premature motor failure on the 2.7L

any chance you are close to western NC? got the same car i will sell for - wondering

4)   Yes. I owned a 03 Sebring that was by far the best car I'd ever owned. It had the 2.7L V6 engine but the 2.4L is just as good. I never had any major mechanical issues and the only minor one was the CD changer crapping out on me. Only reason I don't still have it is because of an accident. I would however try to get it for a bit less than $6,000 simply because the Sebring is an easy car to find and does tend to have a low resale value. - monkees19


Question 3
Where is the sensor that activates the "low oil pressure" message in a PT Cruiser?...  This was a infrequent irritant from about 60K miles. The oil light would not turn off when starting the car. If you restarted the engine it went away. Now the warning will sometimes show when slowing down to an idle.
Is the sensor a part of the oil pump or a separate item?

1)   in the oil pan - marty

2)   The "Low Oil Pressure" sensor, usually near the oil pump. There is no pressure in the oil pan.. - Yeech

3)   If you look under the engine, the side closet to the firewall, near the center, you'll find the oil pressue switch. Look for a green connector with a single wire coming off of it. Good luck. - C-Tech


Question 4
my 1999 chrysler cirrus lxi won't start. what could be wrong?...  i changed the battery and it still won't start. it will crank but won't fully turn over

1)   You Need to give more detail it could be a lot of things - MissJoker

2)   Have a friend put a code reader on it. This will save you much guessing. I would be willing to bet a friend owns one, as they have become very reasonable in price.
It could be anything from a crank position sensor, to an ignition wire missing (or not making contact), to a coil pack. Maybe even the ASD relay (but not likely). If a code reader says something like "misfire on cyl 2", then your coil pack is defective. This happened to me with our Chrysler van- lots of cranking, but no "fire". - GTCturboII

3)   My Cirrus did the same thing. It turned out to be the Mass airflow sensor (MAF) on mine. You can usually pinpoint if that is it by causing the car to throw a code. Here's what you do, Turn the ignition ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON in less than five seconds and leave it in the on position. Watch the check engine light. It will begin to flash. Count the number of times the check engine light flashes. So for example, if it will flashes once, pauses and then flashes 2 more times, then it has just given you trouble code number of 12. There will be an even longer pause between codes so you can tell the difference between each code. Get it? It sounds difficult, but just try it a few times, you'll get the hang of it. Anyway, whatever is causing the problem will come up in this code. Let me know what code numbers you get and I'll tell you what they mean, or you can look it up in a Chiltons or Haynes manual. I'm betting it will be the mass air flow sensor. - Tonia C


Question 5
2000 Chrysler Voyager would you recommend it?...  So i am car shopping, dont particularly want a van, but i can get this 2000 Chrysler voyager , with 130,000 miles, what would you say.. i went to and then i went to and both or equal, some say yes some say no, thought i get your 2 cents here

1)   Its a roll of the dice. Many voyager had serious engine and transmission problems. If its cheap and rides and drives good then take a gamble. They have a poor resale value so don't spend to much for it. $1500 is about all its worth if its a good one. - austin j

2)   American Car. Its going to fail. I suggest you look at German cars VW or Mercedes they might be priced more but they are safer and will last longer and drive better. - Golf4ever


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