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If a timing belt on a '93 PT Cruiser breaks, does it blow the motor?

Question 1
If a timing belt on a '93 PT Cruiser breaks, does it blow the motor?...  My wife was driving her PT Cruiser, stopped at a red light and while sitting there the car died and would not start. We were told that if the timing belt broke then we would need a new motor. Just looking for a second opinion.
Sorry for the typing error, it's and '03 PT Cruiser, not a '93.

1)   Good idea to get a 2nd opinion - it is possible that there is damage to a valve(s) or other parts, so it's best to get 2 or 3 estimates/opinions as to what is needed for repairs and costs; regardless, the vehicle will not need a "new" engine, but a rebuilt one, at a much lower price. If you are mechanically inclined, then you can get a repair manual at an auto parts store, and at least remove the cover for the timing belt and maybe a rocker cover for the valves - that way you will have an idea of what is wrong so that you will not get ripped off - not 2 B fooled

2)   The 2.4l will not bend valves, I would recommend having the belt replaced and have all of the timing related pulleys checked for wear and replace as necessary.
Even if any valve was completely open and that piston reached top dead center it would not contact the valve. - buddy_236

3)   the first PT was 2001 - pickmefirstplz

4)   It can only bend some, but not all the valves because all the valves can't come in contact with the pistons tops when the belt broke. Just the ones that are open at the time the belt broke.. Sometimes this happens and it doesn't bend any valves, and sometimes it bends 3 or 4. I recommend you replace the belt, start the engine and see if any were bent. If they are, you at least didn't remove the head and might have found none were bent. - Jackolantern

5)   No, had same thing happen to a customer yesterday except she was driving on the highway. 03 PT Cruiser 2.4. Replaced the belt today and all is fine. - p3200tmz

6)   I would think not.When the belt breaks, the engine stops. - badbill1941

7)   The 2.4L is a semi-interference engine. If any valves are bent, they will be intake valves. The head should be checked for bent valves before replacing the belt. I suggest replacing the water pump at the same time, it will not be much more and will make the engine more reliable. - C-Tech


Question 2
I have a paid for 2004 Chrysler Pacifica that needs $2900 in repairs. Should I fix it or trade it in?...  

1)   Trade the sucka. - D O Double G

2)   It's a Chrysler, so that won't be your only expensive fix over the lifetime of the car. Best to get rid of it now and buy a Ford or Volkswagen - booyahbd

3)   For the love of God, trade it in! Stay away from Chrysler! - LoRd sTiG

4)   Fix it! Don't listen to these other people. The Chrysler Pacifica was engineered with Mercedes! The Chrysler Pacifica is a great car and you probably already know that. I don't know what these other three people are driving, but I'll bet that they have never even owned a Chrysler. Let alone a Chrysler Pacifica. I would think about trading it if you have really high miles because it never pays to sink that kind of money on a high mileage car.

Here's the real deal. Keep your Pacifica if you like it. Don't fix it and trade it if you don't. Use the money that you would have paid to fix it to put a down payment because they will deduct for the needed repairs.

I hope that this helps. - chrysler_link

5)   Kbb has it listed for $6,500 in the condition its in now. - hondab16tuner


Question 3
I have a 97 chrysler LHS and it wont start after it sits overnight,good batt,starter,it take an hour to start?...  

1)   does it have gas? i know at first it sounds stupid, but when it is cold you should have at least 1/2 tank at all times. if the tank is too empty water can condense in the tank, then when it gets cold freeze in the fuel lines. the reason it would take an hour to start is because the ice has to melt. try "HEAT" in the tank and make sure it is 1/2 full or higher at all times - battle_the_beat

2)   go to the nearest automobile dealer and trade that chrysler piece of junk in, It's to bad you didn't get rid of it in the cash for junk program a few months ago - S D

3)   My guess its is is your fuel pump. - Wallstreet 3

4)   maybe u have corosion on ure battery - Jhon


Question 4
Chrysler 300, Butterfly Doors?...  I have a black chrysler 300, and I've seen someone put on scissor doors. I want to know how much it would cost to put on either scissor or butterfly doors, parts + labor.

1)   sounds sexy and expensive - n8ive

2)   $10k - ladystang

3)   Very expensive. More modification to the door hinges and latches, at a minimum, than it's worth to the average car owner. - badbill1941

4)   Check DUB magazine. There are several companies that sell kits for body shops to install. - C-Tech


Question 5
Replace Air Compressor 2001 Chrysler Town and Country 6 Cyl. 3.8?...  The title says it all. I'm looking to replace my air compressor. The old compressor is shot and has leaked all the refrigerant and the pulley has ceased up. My mechanic said it would be $1350 to replace, recharge and new serpentine belt. The new AC compressor is about $350, so I will do myself. I'm looking for any direction in replacing it such as diagrams, websites or just general knowledge. Thank you.

1)   You can do the physical replacement yourself. Go to the library, and look at a Chilton repair manual. Let the pro hook up the lines, evacuate, and leak check the system. He will check for proper oil level in the compressor, before re-charging. - badbill1941

2)   Go to your public library and log on to all data and there u can find a repair manual for your car and step by step instructions how to replace yourself. but a bit of caution after u replace it unless u know how to charge the system go to walmart that have a shop or rapid oil can cause serious injuries good luck - Lloyd

3)   When those compressors fail the a/c plumbing gets filled with debris, I have seen some so extensive that the filter actually ruptures and forces the descant and trash through the entire system.
Chrysler developed a kit that prevented the oil from being scavenged from the compressor which was the reason for failure in the first place, a lot of the vehicles were retrofitted while they were under warranty.
There is a lot involved here but I hope this helps you prevent a repeat repair.
If the system is contaminated and you just replace the compressor you may find that it won't cool properly. - buddy_236


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