Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Why are chrysler cars so terrible?

Question 1
Why are chrysler cars so terrible?...  They really are just terrible .

1)   The worst one is the pt cruiser it's fugly - ~Moreno~

2)   Because for many years American companies put more thought into profits and less thought into quality. Good thing Toyota and Honda gave them all a wake up call. - Football Guru

3)   I have had 3 Chryslers over the years - all were great cars. - fcm703

4)   Because a)they don't care, b)people don't care and keep buying them, and c)they put out these pompous patriotic advertisements for cars that aren't made in America.

For examples of c)the recent george washington advertisements for the challenger. It's made in CANADA. They also have these tough Dodge Ram advertisements...a lot of them are made in Mexico. People are dumb enough not to check or care as long as they wrap the flag around it. Sad state of affairs. "I'm not buying a Toyota made in Indiana, I'm buying a ram made in Mexico"...FAIL.

Tundra is about as American a truck one could buy...made in San Antonio Texas. That's just an example of the mentality. - Hank Scorpio

5)   Chrysler just like any other manufacturer has good cars and bad ones. - 67Bronco

6)   In what way? You don't really explain what you mean.

They are actually some good American-made cars. I own my first Chrysler: A Town and Country 2009 Limited van. It runs great. Chrysler makes the ONLY vans that you can put the passenger seats into the floor. All other makes you have to take the seats out and put them somewhere. - Tara662

7)   Thanks for the two points. Your question has no validity or qualifying statement. - Sean

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Question 2

1)   Sure. I think it's more of a man's car than a woman's tbh - PiercingtheSnowdrift

2)   hell no - chris

3)   I don't think I have ever seen any men driving them so I don't think so. - milton b

4)   I really don't like to put gender labels on things like this, but I would have to say, probably not. - fawdown

5)   if u have to ask.......then its not

if u look at a car and it makes u - grez m

6)   HELL NO. go buy a real mans car like a camaro or a GTO or an EVO - Steven

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Question 3
Im looking at a 2000 Plymouth Neon?...  I am looking to buy a 2000 Plymouth Neon and im getting mixed reviews. It has 120k miles and is in absolutely great condition. What do you think?

1)   If it is in great condition and the price is right, I see no reason not to buy...
Once you get it make sure the oil is changed and the tires rotated to put
the best ones on front and inflate them properly... - Pat

2)   Look some where else. - kenbgray

3)   I did have a neon - this is an absolute TON of miles for a cheap car - avoid - roadrunner426440

4)   I have a 1996 kia Sephia with 122,000 miles on it. It runs great. As long as whoever had the Neon before takes care of it I don't see an problems. Most newer cars (after 1990) can easily go 200K plus. I has a 1991 Olds Custom Crusier that had 300k on it when I sold it. it still ran fine. - gary

5)   Single cam 4 cylinder in the 00s is rank; no one used that in the US except chrysler. In fact the previous engine used (the 420a) had dual cams (it was still horrible). Run away unless it's got SRT-4 on the trunk lid. - Hank Scorpio

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Question 4
How do you know if the timing chain belt is broke in a 2005 chrysler sebring?...  

1)   You pull the timing cover and look at it. - Hank Scorpio

2)   the engine will spin over real fast(no compression). may be able to look in the oil cap hole and see if the cam(s) is moving. may be an inspection hole in the timing cover. - mobile mike

3)   If your engine is interference, it will destroy itself when the timing chain goes. If it is not interference, it will simply stop working, and the chain can be replaced. However, timing "CHAINS" are generally zero-maintenance, whereas a timing "BELT" should be replaced about every 100,000 miles. - Maxwell Pepper

4)   You Sebring has a belt, not a chain. If it breaks you are dead in the water! Te engine will sound strange when you crank it. The engine is an interference engine which means the pistons don't clear the valve heads if it becomes out of time and will probably hit the valves and possibly bend them. If this happens you will have to not only replace the belt but also have to have the head removed and some valves replaced. I have on occasion replaced a broken belt to discover that the valved did not get bent and the engine was fine. But this isn't all way the case. - Jackolantern

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Question 5
passenger rear door are they interchangable 2003 chrysler concord/2002intrepid?...  

1)   I believe they are different body styles, and not interchangeable. call a wrecker with an interchange catalog to make sure. - badbill1941

2)   Ask a Chrysler dealer parts person. He will look them up and if they both have the same parts no. then they are the same. - Jackolantern

3)   There are many interchangeable parts on those two cars but I believe that the doors may look the same but are different. - helpful bob

4)   No. The doors are different. - C-Tech

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