Wednesday, November 17, 2010

does daimler-benz still own part of chrysler?

Question 1
does daimler-benz still own part of chrysler?...  i know that fiat owns 20% and Chrysler llc owns the majority of it, but does benz still own part of Chrysler.

1)   No, Chrysler & Daimler are completely separate now. - rick29148

2)   Nope, they jumped ship.Chrysler does still use some Benz engines however. - Eric K

3)   No. There are parts that Chrysler and Mercedes-Benz share in their vehicles. - C-Tech

4)   No, Daimler ran the company into the ground then gave it away. - Two Lane. 455 Rocket.

5)   No and thank god! Daimler totally destroyed Chrysler by cheapening the vehicles because Daimler took all of Chrysler's money. - Adam

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Question 2
would a 350 turbo tranny bolt to a 318 chrysler?...  

1)   not in stock format.
a few of the many parts that would not be compatible: Flexplate(flywheel) and torque converter, bellhousing, driveshaft.
also, it would require some fabrication/modification for shift linkage, transmission kickdown, and countless other small things that may come up while swapping. - Stephen K

2)   As stated not in stock form, a 999 Torqueflite will bolt up with minimal problems and is as strong as or stronger than the 350 Turbo.

You didn't state the reason for using a 350 Turbo. If you need a replacement transmission for your car or truck stay with a Torqueflite (904, 999, or 727), way less hassle than trying to use another manufacturer's transmission. - Don't know everything !

3)   No, the bolt pattern does not match up. - C-Tech

4)   Absolutely not! - Two Lane. 455 Rocket.

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Question 3
Is a black Chrysler 300 with 22 black rims '08 with 60,000 miles on it for 20,000 dollars a good deal?...  Paymets are 400 a month!
Would really like to kno if I got jipped!?
It's in great shape tho!

1)   No. It's a Chrysler. When you're financing your financing terms matter as much as the negotiation on the sales floor. You got fucked. What's your financing rate?? - Sean S

2)   I think that is a ton of money for a car for a 2 year old car with that kind of miles (regardless of the rims!) - roadrunner426440

3)   If you like the car and feel good about it, then you didn't really get cheated and should just enjoy the car for as long as you want to keep it.

It really depends on what options it has as to what it's worth.

If it's a standard sedan (2.7 liter), you overpaid a bit.

If it's a Touring sedan (3.5 liter), you overpaid by just a little bit.

If it's a Limited sedan (3.5 liter), you paid around an average price.

If it's a 300C with a 5.7 Hemi, you got a pretty good deal.

If it's a 300 SRT-8, you got it at an excellent deal and saved quite a bit.

These are the main items that will affect the value, but you can go to and input all of your info to see exactly what your vehicle is worth according to them. - Mark B

4)   No, walk away. - C-Tech

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Question 4
what is better a Chrysler 300 or Dodge Charger?...  

1)   300. Hands down. - Gerald E

2)   Mechanically they're the same. Suspension wise the 300 will float a bit more, where the Charger will feel more planted, or sportier if I dare call it that.

Otherwise a new or used 300 will be priced higher than a similar Charger, but in the end you get what you pay for so that choice is up to you. - 360ci

3)   They are basically the same car. - Kenny

4)   The 300 will give you a more comfortable ride, the charger will be much firmer and controlled. - badbill1941

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Question 5
what can cause a Pt Cruiser to suddenly jerk?...  My 2001 pt cruiser jerked back really hard on the freeway the other day and when i pulled over to see why i didn't see any damage engine parts but it was dark. then i tried to drive away and it wouldn't go what could cause this

1)   the fact that is is a chrysler - ScottQ

2)   not enough info but maybe a broken axlw/cv joint. - sheila

3)   because it's a trashy little pt cruiser thats why - Combat Veteran

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