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Why would someone buy the monstrosity commonly known at the PT Cruiser?

Question 1
Why would someone buy the monstrosity commonly known at the PT Cruiser?...  I really want to know what drives someone do buy one....
I just been informed that it is not known as the PT "Cruiser" but the PT "Crapper" or the PT "Loser". Thank you for the update.
You trolls think you are sooo cool. And I'm a person, not a thing to be bought. So no I don't have a million people spending money on me, but then again, I don't care. So why don't you trolls just go back under your brodge with your PT Losers?

1)   I feel your pain. I'm gonna guess that whatever it is, it's the same thing that makes people eat cheez wiz, wear ultra-baggy sweatpants, get tramp stamps, and make the duckface when posing for pictures. If you find out let me know. - Price

2)'s commonly referred to as the PT Crapper. Why would someone drive one? Because they're f-ing retarded.

Oh and...Cheese Whiz is awesome...shut up about that. - Hank Scorpio

3)   even the pinto had its followers. if you dont like the car then dont buy one. i have an aunt that owned one while back she liked it. - mdk68gto, ase certified m tech

4)   Nostalgia (looks like 1940's car). . . retro.

Also it is roomy.

Unlike the real McCoy (old cars), it is modern, so it gets fairly good gas mileage. - TardisAndTheHare

5)   Over a million sold. How many people spend money on you? You should be as lucky. Too bad you're not cool. - C-Tech

6)   yeah the PT Loser is what I used to call mine - Light Ceasar

7)   Some people just like them. - done wrenching

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Question 2
is there any way to unjam a gear shaft on a minivan without calling a mechanic?...  i cant turn my ignition on my Town & Country because I believe the gear shaft is jammed and the car may not fully be in park
can you describe the shifter linkage a little bit to me?

1)   did you try to turn the steering left and right ? sometimes that will help - dan d

2)   Block the wheels or at least set the emergency brake.Then crawl under it and move the shifter linkage on the side of the transmission fully into park.It sounds like you may need a new shifter cable or the cable has popped out of the bracket. - Mike M

3)   Not being fully in park wont keep the key from turning. You either have:
The steering wheel lock binding lie the other poster said.
You have a broken of damaged ignition lock cylinder or linkage.
A bad ignition switch (this is mounted on the lower part of the steering column, under the dash)
Or, the wrong key
C'mon guys, think about this. being in gear wont keep your key from turning to the run position. If it did, you couldn't shut off your car in gear. - James F

4)   This really sounds like you have an ignition switch problem on your Town & County mini van.

There is some information on the website about this issue and it seems to be common because they sell the ignition switches - Bob R

5)   1.) Get a hammer or rubber mallet and a pair of pliers 2.) Gently but firmly tap the head of the key as if you were trying to push the key into the lock. 3.) Turn the key while tapping the head of the key back to the lock position. 4.) This should free up the stuck pin in the lock cylinder. - C-Tech

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Question 3
70 duster sub model difference?...  whats the difference between: base and 340 sub models?

1)   engine options & other options

it's basically the same car - Mark

2)   Basically the same car, 340 motor and some cosmetic gingerbread is the difference. - badbill1941

3)   Basic duster had 9" brakes, whimpy rear end and limited fancy stuff. The 340 had HD trans, front sway bar, 10" brakes and 8 3/4 rear, etc. - done wrenching

4)   beefier transmission, rear axel, drive shaft, torsion bars, brakes, and rear springs - roadrunner426440

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Question 4
Mechanic says my engine is locked on a 2006 Chrysler, should i get a second opinion?...  My car makes a clicking sound, the battery will die after a few tries is the engine locked. The mechanic wants me to let him rebuild the engine.... Should I let someone else check it out?
And if it is locked can it be unlocked without rebuilding the engine or purchasing a new one???

1)   Yes. Have it checked out by a different mechanic. - Hank Scorpio

2)   Sure. Almost anybody with any mechanical knowledge at all can tell if the engine is locked up. Take out the spark plugs and try to turn it. Just in case it is a hydrolock with water in a cylinder you remove the plugs so it can turn. - woofy

3)   Have you been getting your oil changes done? Or have you been driving through flooded streets? - done wrenching

4)   I would try what was said above.
Also, how you explained it, you might want to check your battery if it dies after a few tries to start the engine. A bad battery cannot power the starter enough to turn the engine and would only make the clicking noise you mentioned.

Sometimes it's the simplest thing that could be the problem. - Car Fox

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Question 5
chrysler town and country 2001 starter location?...  

1)   Every American car out there since the Ford Model A has had the starter in the same location. Lower rear left side as you're looking at the engine from the front. - mustanger

2)   What the other guy said^ but I'm curious as to what you plan on doing with this information, gonna fix that yourself, that ought to be interesting. can I watch - Buster

3)   The T&C has a transverse mounted engine (being Front Wheel Drive)

The starter is located in the front of the van, between the radiator and the engine block. It is about the center of the van, and is bolted to the transmission.

It can be easily accessed from under the van. - fire4511

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