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Have to talk to a boy about cars...mopar?

Question 1
Have to talk to a boy about cars...mopar?...  How can I tell if a car is a hemi? And if the tailights are square, what year would that be? Any help appreciated!
thanks everybody!

1)   if you got a hemi the spark plugs will be right in the middle of the valve cover. search google, you may be able to see some pictures. I don't know classic cars so I couldn't tell you years or body cues. - James

2)   well... mopar stands for:

tell him this and 'mopar or no car' and you can't really go wrong. :p - Nathan Ferguson

3)   mopar,
Move Over Pontiac Approaching Rapidly,
Moments Of Power Are rare.
a hemi will usually have the spark plug wire going into the valve cover really.
as for the tail lights, i dont have that information. - mdk68gto, ase certified m tech

4)   Tail lights? Maybe head lights. Headlights were round on all cars from day one until about 1975 for some models, and definitely by 1977 for all. By then all cars had rectangular headlights... - Delamothe

5)   First visit http://www.allpar.com/ and do a little research.

The Hemi is on its third generation so you're probably going to be discussing the current generation of 5.7 and/or 6.1 Hemi engines, or possibly the second generation (1964-1971) which was the 426 cubic engine Hemi.

Usually a car equipped a hemi engine will be badged as such, either on the door, hood, or front fender. Examples of this can be found at the above site. Click cars, click Dodge cars and minivans, scroll the menu until you find Dodge Charger, Challenger, or Coronet all were equipped with the hemi at some point. You may also want to check Plymouth cars and later model Dodge trucks. - Don't know everything !

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Question 2
98 town and Country that won't start but doesn't appear to be the starter?...  I have a 98 Town and Country that ran fine yesterday, but when I tried to start it today, it ran for a few seconds, then stopped. I tried again, and it did the same thing, twice. After I tried the 4th time, it did nothing, doesn't turn over, no clicking, but the battery seems to be working fine as the lights and fan start. What could be wrong? I need to get to work tomorrow!

1)   If your ignition key has a grey plastic head, then it is a security chipped key (called a SKIM key). If the key stops sending a signal to the receiver in the van, it will not allow the computer to start the engine. A quick way to check is to try to start the van and see if the red security light stays on. If it does, try using your spare key, or have another one made. Some locksmiths have the equipment to cut and program these keys. - C-Tech

2)   It sounds like the Sentry key is malfunctioning and the security system kicked in and shut it down completely.

When starting it, it will look for the correct chip key to be in the ignition (the chip is under the grey plastic cover on the key), if it doesn't find it, it will shut down after a few seconds. If this process is repeated three times, it will completely lock the car down for a few hours preventing it from even trying to start. This is done to prevent the car from being stolen using a copied key or shaved key that isn't programmed to the car.

If you have a spare key that's programmed to it, try using it after a few hours and see if that works. If that doesn't work, or you have no other extra keys programmed to it, it'll need to be checked out at the shop to find the problem (dealership repair center would be best for this type of repair). If you have no extra keys, you could try again in a few hours, but it will lock down again after three failed attempts.

Unfortunately, it will have to be towed to the shop since it won't start, hopefully you have insurance or an auto club or something that will cover your towing charges (even some cell phone plans have this coverage). - Mark B

3)   just give the dashboard a whack - pretty common issue with these vans. There is a small circuit board behind the gage cluster that probably has some broken solder joints. whacking it will make it worse long term (so you should probably fix it), but it should get you running for now. - yerffej89

4)   The Town and Country didn't have a SKIM until after 2000, so squash that Idea.
The PCM needs to see the BCM on the bus in a non theft state for the vehicle to start and run normally, either the RKE or the door lock cylinder switch needs to tell the BCM it is ok to run.
The bus needs to be active and operating normally as well, I have seen a faulty air bag module take down the bus (in this type of instance you will have a bus fault set), other people have seen bad solder connections in the instrument cluster take the bus down, again this will set a bus fault.
If the bus is down, the PCM will Never get the BCM message, therefore a theft state is triggered.
I would have it scanned with a DRB3 to determine if it is a bus fault or a theft state because of a bad switch, hopefully it is a bad switch because a bus fault always turns out to be guess work at your expense, hence squash the SKIM idea. - buddy_236

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Question 3
whyd the pilgrims come to plymouth?...  i know they came for religeous freedom but what was the king of england at the time and was there a final event or something before the left?

1)   to see the kennedy's - the dude

2)   they left Europe due to the taxes and unfair treatment that they were getting. they also were not intending to get to Plymouth. they were actually looking for a short cut, where to escapes me but still. - mdk68gto, ase certified m tech

3)   The pilgrims came to Plymouth to get a discount on a minivan. Do your own homework. - C-Tech

4)   They were not looking for any shortcut, they were just a little of course since there was no GPS service in 1620 They were headed for Virginia, but stayed in Plymouth as winter was coming. - doane_nut

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Question 4
Is it worthy to buy an used 2002 Chrysler sebring 92k miles for $3900?...  I am looking to buy an used car 2002 Chrysler Sebring with 92k miles, Please let me know if there are any major issues that can rise with this car?

1)   Nothing wrong with that car, but I think the price is a little high. Try to get the seller down under $3K and you will have a good deal. - Barry White

2)   They are a pretty reliable car but as far as the price that might be a little high. Check with Kelly Blue Book at KBB.com and input the cars info as far as price and reviews go and also try NADA.com as both will tell you expected price and reviews. And as always try to get a carfax report on the veichle. - ctrnavy

3)   Do not buy any Chrysler Sebring, especially with the 2.7L V6.

Go to www.carcomplaints.com and read the horror stories of the Sebring. Just punch "Chrysler Products". - Joe

4)   You should also consider that such a car may be expensive to insure. Check your insurance rates before buying one, for example here - carinsurance.deep-ice.com - Victor

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Question 5
Is a '99 Chrysler Sebring for $2,995 worth it (110,000) miles worth it?...  New York, v6 engine. Jxi.
I know it depends on what the mechanics say and I plan to get it checked and all but I'm just wondering what everyone thinks about from the description.

1)   Not sure about the price as I have left US 4 years ago, but I would consider 3 points:

1 - Even new Chryslers are not considered standards of reliability, so I would be wary of a 99 one. Having said that I once bought a 5-year old Grand Cherokee with 62K miles that worked flawlessly for 2 years, so be really sure you have a good mechanic with you.

2 - Unless you're looking at the convertible Sebring, I would consider looking at Japanese models (even smaller ones) or even some Ford ones, as they are more reliable.

3 - Although a V6 is better than a four cylinder, facts is Chrysler V6s were never that potent so you might find a Jap four banger that works almost as well as this Sebring in terms of driving and power, especially the Hondas. - robertodemoraes

2)   I bought a 97 with on 90,000 on it and had lots of engine troubles. The engines are made by Mitsubishi and the parts are expensive. My car stopped sending spark to the plugs and a new distributor cost almost $400 bucks! That still never solved the problem. I was told the computer burned out and that was waaaaaaaaaay more than I wanted to spend. - tjsnfrd

3)   The car is decent, but I wouldn't pay that much for it. - Barry White

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