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i have a 1967 plymouth valiant and need help?

Question 1
i have a 1967 plymouth valiant and need help?...  i have a 1967 plymouth valiant and i would like to know any sites or places that would give me info on parts for this car, and i am really looking for a fiberglass cowl hood for it but all i can find are ones for a 1969. would it still fit good? and some engine info. i want a v8.

1)   The hoods themselves should be the same. If you're looking for engines, try eBay, craigslist, or autotrader for a start. - D

2)   well you need to find some parts sounds like to me, personally, there is a online magazine called hemmings motor news, type this is where I would go first, if looking for the parts for what you have, I am not familiar with the mopars as much as I used to be, however I know a little bit about a lot of things, If you want the baddest mopar in town, that will still give you some kind of mpg, then stick a 340 with a 4 speed, I had a charger for awhile, it had a built 440 with the police interceptor headers, and the race cam, and this four barrel that was HUGE, LIKE SOME OVER SIZED DINNER PLATE. any how my friend called me up one day, and she want to give me a test ride in her new car, she showed up in a dodge dart gt (which I never heard of, until that day) and she SCARED THE PISS OUT ME, when she went through all four gears with the tires still smoking, that car was so fast it was scary, and at least she got gas mileage, my 440 got five miles per gallon around town. hers had a four barrel, but the 340 comes with a dual quad set up too!!!
I don't know what your money situation is, but hemmings motor news is where I would go first, You can order the online version, for a small fee, or get the hard copy mailed, but start digging around, they have many , many links to every kind of car part imaginable. If you want to make a nice 67 get it in your head finding the really good stuff, is not always cheap, and there are people who will try to sell junk, so be aware of what you want, and do all the research necessary to get the right parts, best of luck, have fun. - dick car guy

3)   The 69 hood will fit but not line up with the 67 and 68 grille. Check moparts for parts. I have a 67 also, I really do, and I am going to restore it because it's the rare "E" eng code 273 car. - done wrenching

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Question 2
2006 PT Cruiser A/C and compression problem, please help?...  I have a 2006 PT Cruiser that I just bought in March with 27,400 miles on it. It now has 32,800 but recently, when the A/C is on when the car is idle, the engine jerks kind of forcefully every few seconds when the fan is no on. My grandfather put Freon in my car and there were a few times where the car/engine didn't jerk but it did start back up doing that again. I have called numerous places for a diagnostic price and I had one person tell me it is the compressor and that it would be about 700 dollars to repair, another even told me it might be the engine......Has anyone else had this problem and have you been able to find places to fix the problem for less than 700? I am starting to regret that I got this car since reading about it online and it seems a lot of people have had problems one way or anther with this model. Thanks in advance for any help..

1)   It sounds like you may have a refrigerant leak somewhere in the system. When the level gets low, the compressor may cycle on and off too quickly. To check the system - professionally - should cost about $70-150. From there it can be determined what needs to be fixed, most likely for far less than $700. Good luck. - C-Tech

2)   C-tec may be right. While idling in park, turn the AC on and watch the compressor to see if it is cycling on and of fast which indicates it is low on refrigerant gas. - Jackolantern

3)   If your engine jerks intermittently ONLY when the a/c is on- you have an expansion valve stuck closed, causing pressure to jack up in your a/c system making the compressor harder to turn which will cause your engine to shake violently. The expansion valve is located in an a/c line (liquid line) between your condenser and evaporator. Just the liquid line will fix it, guarantee it. Have them add dye to the system to help locate future a/c leaks if they happen (shouldn't be any extra labor costs, just 15 bucks or so for the dye).

If you don't believe me, have a tech attach A/C gauges, i'll bet you your low side pressure is at/above 400 psi. - gearhead989

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Question 3
What is hapening with my Pt Cruiser?...  Hello, I have a PT CRUISER 2006 limited edition and the lights from the board where the mileage is turn on and then all the mileage is and the gas arrows move like crazy. I already took it back to McCune so they could fix it they actually put a new machine and computer, but it still happens. My car has turned off 3 times. The first time I had to call the insurance to send me a crane but the second one I tried turning it on and it worked. Can some one tell me what is wrong with it and if I should buy the new cables connected to the computer of my car. Oh i actually changed the computer and the alternator but it stills turns off in freeways and i am scared thanks if you could answer me as soon as possible thank you.

1)   Most likely the computer whent bad! maybe fried and this happens when you turn your car on and drive it right away in freezing tempature!.. but really, if you took it to a mechanic and they still did not fix it then they were not good mechanics!! take it to the dealer ship. - Tazmanian Devil

2)   the electronic pick up in distribter is bad. after it gets hot, car quits, cools down restarts. - Larry

3)   I don't know what McCune is but it sounds like you have a problem with the electronic fuse box, the TIPM. Have them check that out. - C-Tech

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Question 4
my 2001 pt cruise overheats when ac on or im on the hwy. why?...  ive changed radiator cap, did a flush, changed thermostat, and replaced catalytic converter thinking it was clogged, and sprayed both sides of radiator for blockage. the only time this does this is when the ac is on or im driving on the hwy otherwise it does not do this in stop and go traffic even if its 100dgs out im out of options please help

1)   check the lead gasket, that may have a leak. If it does, replace it or you can actually ductape a piece of wood to it. If it is ur radiator that is blocked, drill 3 holes in the external lower intake. - Reid

2)   Now that you have spent all that money and have run out of ideas, take it to a RADIATOR SHOP and have it checked out. Sounds like you have a partially plugged radiator. No amount of flushing will help. - tronary

3)   Your PT Cruiser have a two speed fan. Try turning on the a/c and see if the fan goes to high speed. If it does not then you have a fan or a relay problem. Good luck. - C-Tech

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Question 5
If you own a Chrysler 300, How much do you pay for gas a month?...  I have an assignment for class and I was wondering if anybody can help me.

1)   It can be nothing all the way up to a thousand dollars depending on how many miles you drive. - Doug W

2)   depends on how much gas u use, and how much u pay per gallon. - badbill1941

3)   I have a Chrysler 300m, 1999, and it takes about $20.00 CND a week. - Akash

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