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Is it possible to put a V8 in a PT Cruiser?

Is it possible to put a V8 in a PT Cruiser?

Asked by: Ryan @ 2009-07-25 20:39:20

Answers ::
anything is possible. just do it

Its very possible. Are you a good welder, and have a good imagination.

These are the things your going to have to plan out....

Motor mount locations
Hood Clearance
Transmission mount

Do some research im pretty sure someone has swapped a v8 into a pt crusier.

If it is Front wheel drive then your getting into a whole different ball game. If i recall right a pt Cruiser is fwd so that takes the job to a different level. Unless you source a v8 out of a caddalac(sp?) or some other v8 FWD platform
shawn m

yes... but why would you?

not to be a dick or anything but it seems that would be more trouble than its worth.

but yes, you can. you can pretty much do anything with the right amount of time, money, and parts
John T


seriously, you can't. Chrysler had planned on putting a small deisel under the hood, back when Daimler still owned Chrysler, and it would not fit. A small, 4 cylinder deisel.

Imagine an engine almsot twice as big as the deisel that wouldn not fit.
No way.

The PT cruiser's front end is unique. It is not only wedge shaped, but it slopes downward quite steeply.

Ain't gonna happen

No the frame cant handle the weight and the stock suspension wont handle the weight either
rick b

Some people have modified PT's and put in Hemi's. It is an expensive operation which involves cutting and chopping the frame and a completely new front suspension. Very expensive.

It should fit, lay down the back seats and throw it in, I dont know if its rated to carry that much weight though!!

no, it's not possible to put a V8 in a PT

my 1997 plymouth breeze wont start, it doesnt turn over or click when you turn the key, what is wrong with it?

it was running fine all day, shut it off, later went to start and nothing, lights and radio work.

Asked by: tia1st @ 2009-07-24 20:08:13

Answers ::
There is a fuse for the starter, I think it's in the engine compartment, check to see if it's blown.
ek 5

your battery terminals are loose or corroded or both.
Johnny C

fuse link or starter relay
rick b

Make sure your shifter is in park or neutral when you start it, if so wiggle the shifter while you try to start it. There is a safety switch that prevents the car from starting in gear.

If the battery is good and hot fully charged check the starter solenoid,you can jump across the solenoid if the car start by jumping across solenoid replace solenoid,if that does no good check starter or have starter checked.

I'm looking to spend 5-6Gs on a used "Chryler" mini-van , are there any years that I should avoid?

Asked by: mr danger @ 2009-07-24 15:24:04

Answers ::
Avoid all years. Instead, go for a van with more quality. Compare various brands at yahoo motors or some similar site.

92 all the rest were so good.

I agree with Joe they had callbacks on the breaks and computer brains
Wanting Freedom

For ease of maintence and if you have to do any rebuilds, you want a mini van that has a 3.0L engine with a 3sp auto trans. Got a big famliy or band equip make sure its has the longer wheel base
rick b

the early ones

Why would a 1998 Plymouth Voyager roll backwards on a hill, while in drive?

Asked by: Vivian @ 2009-07-24 12:04:16

Answers ::
Any car can roll backwards on a hill if the hill is steep enough.

It is normal.Just keep your foot on the brake.

the transmission needs to be replaced the drive belt is broke.
Wanting Freedom

Because the weight of the van the incline of the hill and gravity will over come the transmission in rolling back since it is not built to hold the van in drive, It was made to shift gears when driving. That is why you have brakes
And there is no drive belt in a Voyager trans
rick b

Because your foot is not on the gas or brake pedal. ~Dan

How much would a rebuilt transmission on a 1987 Plymouth Voyager LE cost?

Asked by: cindytindall @ 2009-07-26 17:46:24

Answers ::
alot more than the whole car is worth just try to buy a new can get a better car for 3000 or even 2000.which like almost half of wat it will cost u to get it rebuilt

Depends on where you live ! Here in TX., About $ 1000.00 Including labor !
Sweetdaddy Rex

3spd parts and labor about 1800-2100
4sp overdrive parts and labor about 2300-3500
rick b

My moms got a 1998 Plymouth Voyager and it is going to cost $1,600 for just the Transmission!? So i agree with the first person... Buy a new Car...

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