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what is a convertible?

Question 1
what is a convertible?...  Okay, so my friend asked me if i know what a convertible was and I said that they were the cars with the retractable roofs. I don't know anything about cars and just based that on what i saw in 2 fast 2 furious movie. She said that i was wrong and that that was called top down and that convertibles were the ones with the steering wheels on the right side of the car. We were fighting about it all night. I said she ask her friends and one said I was right while the other she. So can anyone tell which one of us is right? it would really help my neighbors when my friend and i have a movie marathon at night cause it will "sorta" quiet us down a little. Thanx in advance! ;)

1)   You are correct, convertibles are cars with the option of being able to put a roof up and down. - Chad

2)   your friend is a douche.
a convertible is a car with a retractable roof, as you said.
people are dumb. - cool beans

3)   your right, your friend is dumb. - Mizzle

4)   convertible is when the roof retracts

and the cars with the steering wheel on the other side are foreign cars.
they drive on the other side of the road - Justyn Simons

5)   At least is America, a convertible refers to a car that can retract its roof. You are right. I have never heard the term used to refer to steering wheel placement. - Claire

6)   A convertible is a type of automobile in which the roof can retract and fold away, converting it from an enclosed to an open-air vehicle. Many different automobile body styles are manufactured and marketed in convertible form. Best answer PLZ!! - A GIRL

7)   You're right, your friend is wrong. Convertibles with cloth roofs, which are most of them, are sometimes referred to as 'rag tops'.takes credit for an answer she copied

A GIRL is taking credit for an answer she copied from Wikipedia.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Convertible - Looney Dufus

8)   Good question!
the answer is, YES, a convertible is a car with a retractable roof. - Alex

9)   Drop tops are convertibles and they come in soft and hard tops you mentioned a hard top retractable one in your question. You friend is wrong the term for cars with steering wheels on the passenger side would be conversions - SlightlyDusty

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Question 2
Where is the crankshaft in a 2004 Chrysler Concord 3.5L?...  So my mom is looking for the crankshaft in her car, the info is in the question title so if you can tell me where the crankshaft in the car like the complete location.

1)   oh god...Um you cant see the crank from just opening the hood, its in the engine http://www.caiecq.com/images/+Crankshaft.jpg
even if i listed step by step how to disassemble the engine and locate the crankshaft, if you know nothing about cars it wont help.

The crankshaft pulley on the other hand you can see if you look down the front between the grill and the engine, its the biggest round metal wheel on the bottom with a belt on it.

Edit: apparently Mike thinks your engine is transversely mounted, I'm pretty sure its not, it goes front to back http://images.copart.com/website/data/pix/20110118/10571791_7X.JPG - Xnebia

2)   The crank shaft is on the inside bottom of the engine, In your car it runs from Passenger side to the Driverside, where it connects to the inside of the transmissions bellhousing.

The only visible point of the Crankshaft, is a pulley attacked to it on the passenger side of the engine which is actually the front of the engine on front wheel drive cars. This pulley will be centered with the engine, on the lower portion, under all of the accesories such as the alternator, water pump, power steering pump, ac compressor. To see a picture of a crankshaft, go to Advanced auto parts website and type in crankshaft in the search window to see what a crankshaft looks like. - Mike S

3)   Lolololololololololololololololololololololol The crankshaft is buried in the motor, you have to disassemble the entire engine to find it. - BIGDOG

4)   If I recall right it's on the left side of the engine, behind the exhaust manifold , if you see a round piece of metal with several bolts going all around it, just before that is a sensor with 4 wires running to it that's the crankshaft sensor.

Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way what exactly is going on with the vehicle? - helpful bob

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Question 3
What should I name my new Chrysler 300?...  I bought myself a silver Chrysler 300. She's like that foxy, sophisticated lady you see sitted at the bar drinking her martini. She may throw out a look but she's not having anything to do with a 23 year old like myself.

Ok, some maybe that's a somewhat depressing analogy to use for my car. But I need a name that's classy and sophisticated. If a 30-40 something year old account executive, lawyer or whatnot was reincarnated as a Chrysler, what would her name be?

Thanks for your ideas!

1)   Jaden or Ava

i named my 2009 Chrysler seabring Eugene. - Truth be told

2)   fiat - bo

3)   Whyizzitdatgirlzznaamcarz? - DER ALTE FIRZ

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Question 4
91 ' La Baron , dash lights out ,, cant see anything?...  I canot see how much gas I have ,, my millage , or other things in that area ,, what does it need??

1)   Check the fuse panel. They will be a key indicating which fuse is for the interior lights. Pull it out and see if the filament is intact. Check your owners manual for the fuse box location, or simply drive to a local auto parts shop and ask for help. - KungFoolio

2)   If you have lights in the dash in other areas, then you have some bulbs out and need to be replaced. If all lights that illuminate the gauges are out, then you need to first check all the fuses. If they are good, then check the dash light dimmer for a malfunction. - Jackolantern

3)   May also be taillight fuse. - Dennis

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Question 5
How do you get to the rear speakers on a 1988 Chrysler Le baron K-body?...  It looks like the speakers are mounted from the top. I need to know how to get the carpeted cover off to get to them for removal.

1)   You'd have to remove the rear back piece of the rear seat, panelling and then gain access to the carpet so you won't damage it etc.Most of the time however the rear speakers are mounted from underneath and there is are metal clips that hold them in place so the speakers and wiring are accessible via the trunk.

Hope that helps and best of luck. - helpful bob

2)   You need to remove the rear seat which is bolted in. The bottom part of the seat is bolted from the front bottom near the floor. The seat back is bolted in on both sides bottom of the seat back. After unbolting the seat back lift straight up to unhook at the top. The carpeted cover over the speakers snaps into place with about four snap down clips. Under this are the speakers, there are four screws holding each down. - Donny

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