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Is dogde and Chrysler the same company?

Question 1
Is dogde and Chrysler the same company?...  

1)   yes, they are and they make some of the worst cars in all the world. - Barancy Peloma

2)   Dodge, Chrysler, & Plymouth, are/were all part of Chrysler Corp. - rick29148

3)   Chrysler owns Dodge. GMC owns Chevy. Ford owns Mazda. Walmart owns Sam's club. - Sandra

4)   Barancy doesn't know much so he's giving you a 'canned' answer. Chrysler is the maker of Dodge, Plymouth, Jeep, Desoto, Dodge trucks, etc...BTW, 1969 Motor Trend Car Of The Year-Plymouth RoadRunner. Chrysler is the genius behind the fabled 426 HEMI and invented HEMI"S, which were banned by NASCAR in the 1960's because no other car could beat one! - chasm

5)   That is correct


Chrysler Group LLC

They make some pretty awesome cars too! - Andrew

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Question 2
2009 chysler town and country won't start?...  Had baterry checked out and was told it was good (12.8 amps out of a total possible 13,2 amps) but the only van starts is when it is jumped.any ideas?

1)   Check transmission - ATLBaller4Life

2)   Bad battery or poor connection. That's volts by the way not amps and it means nothing. Even a dead battery indicates 12.8 volts. The battery needs to be load tested which shows how many amps it can provide. A battery needs to provide about 400 amps to start a car. As a battery ages it provides fewer and fewer amps until there's not enough to start the car. - Howard L

3)   Who ever checked th battery needs to put a load test on the battery after it is charged for a few hours. If it can handle a load of 200 amps for 15 sec. it is good. If not replace it nothing works like new parts. Check the starter draw also after you get some battery. Your starter might be a problem and drawing too much amperage. - Donny

4)   Clean up the battery terminals. But I have a suspicion the battery has a dead short when under load. When you jump it and get it running, check what the alternator is charging at, should 14 to 14.5 volts. If it is charging at 16 volts, replace the battery. This will toast the alternator in the long run if charging at full capacity all the time. Hope this helps. - clowdy4

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Question 3
plymouth car with factory twin hood scoops, what is make and model?...  

1)   dusters and super bee's

there are others. just google 60's-70's plymouth muscle cars.
then there's the dodge line with the sister ships in the same era. - Holey Mufflers

2)   67 gtx is another one - done wrenching

3)   Write down the VIN and use Google. - chasm

4)   Plymouth Duster (A-body), '67 GTX (B-body), and 'Cudas (E-body) all had two scoops. The '69 Road Runner and GTX had an optional "cold air" hood that pulled in outside air through screens on the two raised portions of the hood, not really designed as scoops, just screened openings.

There were other Plymouth models that had "bulged" style hoods, some years of the C-body Furys ('70 comes to mind) and the post '70 Road Runners. - Don't know everything !

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Question 4
my convertible top is leaking?...  is there a product that can waterproof my convertible top??

1)   Man, I am still so mad I sold my '95 LeBaron cuz the top was tearing. I am not sure if you can use that stuff they sell at shoe stores for waterproofing shoes, but may be worth a try. - Katlady

2)   Yeah duct tape it for now where its leaking and put on shoe waterproofer and if you take it to your car dealer they'll be able to fix it for you. - HaydenBeats

3)   How old if the fabric? If it's dry and cracking then don't waste money on waterproofing. You need to replace that top. Might sound like big money, but what would you pay during the rainy season? - chasm

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Question 5
How many cylinders are in a 1988 Chrysler LeBaron convertible turbo?...  
Does anyone know how much it would cost (approximately) to restore this car? It could use new tires, chrome or chrome-look rims, new ragtop, new paint job. New parts under the hood, I think because it has been sitting about 7 years. Just give estimates please.

1)   Four. When in doubt, count the spark plugs, there is one for each cylinder. - ranger_co_1_75

2)   4 cylinders - iisj13

3)   There are 4 cylinders. If you are in doubt check the spark plugs. if there are four spark plugs then it has 4 cylinders. - alex p

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