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Where can I buy a new Brake Master cylinder for chrysler Voyager in uk?

Question 1
Where can I buy a new Brake Master cylinder for chrysler Voyager in uk?...  I have a 1998 chrysler voager. I bought the Car second hand 2 years ago and there has been a problem with the brakes Since I got it. I have taken it to different garages countless times and they keep saying that it is different things. I have had nearly every thing to do with the brakes changed and they have been bled countless times and the brakes work for a few days to a week. Then the break pedal goes soft when the engine is on. The break pedal is always hard when engine is off. I last took it to the garage a month ago they changed the claipers and brake pads and did a few other things. When I went to get in car when picked it up from garage the break pedal was still soft. I complained and they took car away and bought it back 10 minutes later and I asume they just bled breaks. It fixed breaks for a couple of days the break pedal went soft again. I think it is the master cylinder. and have asked them to replace but I keep being told its not. I have changed master cylinders on other cars so know what im doing and have some time on my hands in the new year so thought I would change the master cylinder my self. Does it sound like it the master cylinder to you and also where it the best place to buy a master cylinder for a 1998 chrysler voyager in the uk.

any advice would be much appreciated

Thanks in advance
I have just been to the parts co website and can't see any thing about master cylinders and can't see how you order any thing. When you click on a product it just shows a picture. It does not give you a option to orer part. How do you order from partco online or can you not order online.

I don't think the servo has been checked could it be that

thanks for the advice so far

1)   'partco' do pattern parts for most vehicles and genuine parts too, theyre my first choice for brake/suspension components.
yellow pages will have your local store. - Christian Boyce

2)   I think you are right on the mark. Go on the web and Google Chrysler parts UK there is a lot of sites. Good Luck. - beaver.prince

3)   Just a thought - has anyone looked at the brake servo ? - Timothy L

4)   gee im sorry to hear because here they are by the thousands everywhere ..if not in scrap yards there you just have to get from north america if not closer.good luck - ted_haze

5)   Go to Amazon, you can get anything what you want: - Water

6)   camberley autos is probably your best bet. - DR + Mrs Bears face

7)   Check it out and it is perfect for you! - henman letizia

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Question 2
How make 94 Chrysler LHS run better?...  It has been stalling while driving it. I put in some Napa BG to clean out the fuel sys and I need to run that a while. But oil light just came on and I just changed the oil. What else can I do to make it run better? I just got the car and has not had maintenance for 50k+ miles. Should I change the spark plugs? What else? I just put in a new thermostat.

1)   Take it to a local garage and have the computer system scanned for stored codes. Have them check the car out to see what needs to be done. 50K and no maintenance, not good. things are going to start going bad. $$$$$$$$$ out the window unless you are a mechanic and the labor is free. - Bobo

2)   spark plugs. ignition coils if it has any. brakes. all filters. if its carburated you should clean that. - dpelt73

3)   Performance mods are not a very good idea on a vehicle that is nearly 17 years old. You would be just asking for problems.

However there are a few things you could and should do.

First, a good tune up. New plugs. Nothing fancy. Fancy plugs do little to improve a stock engine. Use the same make and type plug originally installed from the factory. Usually platinum plugs. Install a good set of spark plug wires at the same time. Again, nothing fancy but don't go cheap either. The parts store will usually offer a few sets of plug wires with various prices. Select a mid grade set and they will work fine.

TIP: When installing the plugs put a small amount of anti seize compound on the threads. A little goes a long way. Don't get any on the electrodes. This will make them easier to remove in the future. Put a small amount of dielectric grease in the spark plug wire boots. This will help seal out moisture and make them easier to remove in the future.

Change the air filter. Again, nothing fancy. The stock air filter will supply the engine with all the air it will need.

If the car is equipped with a mass airflow sensor clean it with Mass Airflow Sensor cleaner. Don't use anything like carburetor cleaner or you will destroy the sensor turning a $5 repair into a $50+ repair.

It may be a good idea to replace the oxygen sensor(s). These should be replaced from time to time.

Add a can of Sea Foam to the fuel system. This will clean out your fuel injectors. After the first tank of Sea Foam replace your fuel filter. Every couple of tanks of fuel add about 1 ounce of Sea Foam per gallon of fuel. This will keep your fuel system and intake clean.

Spray some Sea Foam Deep Creep into the throttle body while the engine is running until it stalls. Allow the engine to sit for several minutes and restart. This will clean the carbon from your plenum, intake manifold, and around your valves. The engine will be difficult to restart and will most likely smoke for a few minutes. This is normal.

About 50 miles before your next oil change add about 1 ounce of Sea Foam per quart of motor oil. Drive normally. This will help clean sludge deposits from inside your engine. If you oil pressure light starts to come on, immediately change your oil and filter. This would be because the Sea Foam washed enough sludge that it may block your oil filter. However this is an extreme condition and would be unlikely to happen.

With the age of this vehicle I would change the transmission fluid filter and transmission fluid.

Keep a close watch on your tire pressure. Too low tire pressure creates increased rolling resistance. Keeping the tires inflated to the correct pressure will improve performance and fuel economy.

If you can do all of the work yourself you could get buy with doing all of this work for less than $150. At least double this amount if you must pay a mechanic to do the work for you. - Mad Jack

4)   First off, change the oil and filter. This is very important. You need to change the plugs and set the gap after you clean the t-body at the air intake . Spray some kind of carbon cleaner in the throttle body and on the inside and on the ISM idle speed motor. I use a old tooth brush to scrub the inside of the t-body. Clean off the throttle plate(butterfly valve) run the engine after doing this to clear out the cleaner, this should make it idle better - Donny

5)   dont feel bad even the new ones have those problems - ?

6)   Go back in time and slap the bejesus out of the engineers who designed it. - patrick_hiestand

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Question 3
Getting a new car tomorrow. My husband wants a Chrysler 300, I want a Magnum. Which one is better?...  

1)   chrysler 300. - MissingYou! <3

2)   THE one your buying - roc/WLA

3)   sorry, no on a chrysler anything, I learned my lesson years ago, I had a really nice dodge charger, a three dollar part, broke, killed the engine while driving uphill, on a steep bridge in the pouring rain at 60 mph. no wipers no warning, nothing, I had the person with me looking out the side passenger window, and telling me how close the guardrail was, because I did not want to fly off the bridge, learn how to fly for two hundred feet, then go swimming next. I had to stop the car as fast as possible, I could not see. two minutes later it quit raining, I was broke down on a bridge on a freeway, fifty feet from the top of the bridge and a downhill exit, that literally if you went straight at the bottom took you directly into a tow truck tow yard, next to a pay phone. (and none of the tow trucks were there, they were all on call, what luck ehh?) nissan, honda, toyota or subaru - roger

4)   a300 Drive one, got style,room and very good for me so far - lisa T

5)   They are pretty much the same car, its just the magnum has the station wagon back end. The 300 has a bit softer suspension and a few little fake accents to make it look fancier than a Dodge. If you really mean 'new' you are stuck with the 300 because they quit making the magnum in 09 in favor of the Challenger. Dont be afraid of the R/T models, especially if you like the better interior stuff. The Rt's include most of the interior options and the Hemi V8. I have an 05 magnum RT that got rear ended so it was in the shop for a few weeks. My loaner car was a 300 with the v6. I drove it in the same way to the same places with the same loads as I carry in my Magnum with the V8 and averaged 2 mpg less with the 300 and the V6. The V6 is alright on power but the Hemi is really fun. I have got as high as 30mpg on the highway. Typical highway (70mph) is around 25. Around town not driving like a old person or race driver I tend to hang around 20. If I really drive crazy around town i can get it down to about 14. My car is just the RWD version and have had no problems with snow and ice, even a few times was pushing snow with the bumper and got through just fine so IMHO its not worth the extra cost, lower mpg, and higher repair costs of having the AWD. These cars are so low to the ground I dont think the AWD helps that much anyway. You get snow up to the bumper / bottom of any car I dont think it matters how may wheel drive you have the only way out is to get more clearance with the ground... which is why we have trucks, jeeps, and other suv's. Other side note is the Magnum RT's can get a tow package to tow in the range of 3500 pounds. I believe the rest of the cars can only tow 2000. Lots of trailers weigh more than 2000 but 3500 covers many small boats and campers, even a medium size u haul trailer works. Pulling a 3000 pound enclosed trailer I do about 15 mpg on the highway which is as good or maybe better than you would get with most trucks or SUVs without a trailer. - doornobk

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Question 4
How clean heater core 94 lhs?...  I want to clean the heater core but the hoses to that are so buried under stuff I can't get to them. What else can I do? Make quick starts to loosen up the heater core junk? Other ideas to get the junk loose in there?

1)   It's seem you have too much junk in your trunk.
What you could do is unhook the heater hoses at the other end away from the heater. Flush out the coolant in there. Then add vinegar or CLR not both. Let it sit for a few hours and put the pressure hose to it. You will be amazed the junk that gets out of your trunk. - Donny

2)   watch your step with getting at that "junk"/you get too aggressive and you can end up with water on the floor//take t/stat out/reclose the t/stat housing and then put a can of rad cleaner in the system and water/cover the front of rad with a blanket to get operating temp to normal/run engine at 2000 rpm for a minute at normal temp/drain rad and find the block drain and take that out/remove the t/stat housing (secure drains) and fill the block at the t/stat housing until its full 50/50/ mix/secure new t/stat and fill radiator to top/start engine and run until rad is warm/fill to top and install new cap and drive it around the block/wait awhile and then check rad level and overflow reservoir/top off and do it again around the block/watch temp ga and check for leaks - ken k

3)   there,s another way and that is take the heater hoses off the block and water pump, take a garden hose and flush up into 1 hose and then the other hose. that way you don,t have to remove the hoses off the core. - bandit_60

4)   You have no choice, just take your time.. Or cut the hose then use a reducer, with a metal coupling to connect them after you blow the heater core out with air.. - ?

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Question 5
My power steering went out on my 2001 PT Cruiser what could be the problem?...  I was driving so I hear a whine after about an hour while driving my power steering went out. What could be the problem?

1)   Could be leaking power steering fluid. - Tugger

2)   you let the power steering fluid get too low and it burnt up the you need a new power steering pump...
make sure to check fluids in your vehicle or you are looking at alot of expenses.. - cuddles

3)   you might need power steering fluid or your power steering pump or your power steering belt - MOSTLETHAL

4)   power steering pump, check for leaks also - Evan

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