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what is the name of the Music that is played in the Chrysler Commercial that is aired during the Golden Globes?

Question 1
what is the name of the Music that is played in the Chrysler Commercial that is aired during the Golden Globes?...  It is instrumental. The commercial talks about life many years ago. shows cars from Many years ago and then shows current Chrysler Models. It is a beautiful song. Who does it and what is the name of it?

1)   I hope you find out because I REALLY want to know too! It's gorgeous. :) - A Christian

2)   I think if it's the same commercial -- is it the one playing: One Million Miles Away by J Ralph. :) I hope this helps!

I'm trying to find The voice over! I know that voice, but can't place it. - ?

3)   One Million Miles Away by J Ralph
Driving me nuts until I realized I have this album! - ?

4)   J Ralph - One Million Miles Away - Em Foxen

5)   I'm not answering, I'm just saying thanks to the folks to answered that it's "One Million Miles Away" by J. Ralph - you're not only right, but you made my night too. Thanks! - Cards Fan

6)   It's a track by J Ralph called One Million Miles Away. It was previously used in a Super Bowl commercial from Volkswagen.

The Chrysler commercial:

The Volkswagen commercial:

The track from J Ralph: - Admonkey

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Question 2
is a 2001 pt cruiser a good car with 168k miles?...  me and my gf are having a baby anytime now an we only have one car (2006 mustang 2dr) which is mine, i go to school and work so we are looking to get her a 4 door car. we want spend $2300 our comfort zone, and $3000 would be the max but we would have to use all our money in our savings which we don't because we might need it for the baby there is a pt cruiser for sale looks good shape only thing is 168k miles would this be a good buy for $2100

1)   i dont think it was a good car when new...sooo..look for a honda civic,,but for 3K your gona buy headachs. - pedro7of9

2)   goto car specific forums for this type of question

you will read up on owners who has first hand knowledge/ experiences with any problems that you may run into before actually buying the vehicle

it's good that you're thinking of getting a 4 door/ FWD car for the baby; the back seat of those mustangs suck when you have to put a rear facing seat behind you (i would normally put it on the passenger side rear)

if it has a turbo, stay away from it because it will surely be abused

if they have the maintenance records up to date, then i guess it's a good buy

the main and most expensive part that should have been taken care of is the timing belt/ water pump set... - ricebike

3)   I own a 2003 PT Cruiser and I love it. I have never had any problems with it. Just regular maintenance stuff like new brakes once, new battery, stuff like that. I bought my car new in September 2002 and I still love it! I would make sure that the car has been taken care of before I bought it. I think it would be a good family car (My family is just me, my husband, and a dog) and I have hauled all kinds of stuff in it. I squeezed a 6ft. tall living pine tree into it once! I have nothing but good things about the PT Cruiser and it makes me sad that they no longer make them. I don't know what I'll do when mine finally wears out....hopefully in another 20 or 30 years! - Rachel

4)   It's 10 years old and 168k is a lot of miles. I would go with pedro on this one. - Jackolantern

5)   i wouldn't recommend that, in this type of situation look for a honda or a toyota, they are the only ones dependable enough, trust me they last. so look for a honda or a toyota good luck! - Zakaryah A

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Question 3
is the chrysler 440 big block the only 440 engine chrysler made? is there any variations in them?...  

1)   There were several variants of the 440. The most notorious for performance was the 440 6-pack. Check my sources below for full descriptions. The Hemis were more powerful but required constant tinkering to stay in tune and reliable. Stellar motors though. - Joe

2)   Joe has the answer. 440's were great motors, however they were known for their oil pump failure and it would almost always take out the bearings when it went out. The 440 was also the only engine that the oil pump could be removed and replaced from the engine without removing the pan. It attached through the outside of the block on the left front of the engine. I have changed a few. - Jackolantern

3)   my guess is addition to the 6 barrel there was also a marine version - roadrunner426440

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Question 4
Drove my 2000 chrysler sebring very low on gas on a cold day. after fueling it drove for a bit and cut off.?...  Now it will not turn over. What could be the problem

1)   fulepump went bad.the gas is what keeps the pump from over heating and when you ran it that low on gas the pump started to get hot and it was just lick that it ran for a little while.on. - kawasaki

2)   sounds to me like you might of froze a gas line, if it got that cold if not i would check the starter. or even possibly water in the tank. i would go to a store like walmart get a bottle of water dry from the automotive department put that in the gas tank and it should do the trick if it is water. if its a frozen gas line your gonna have to warm that car up find a garage with heat or you could rent a heated storage area.put it in there for a couple days. if its the starter most of the time it would grind and cut off when you try to start but not all the time. it could have just went out find your cylinoid touch the black bolt and red bolt together with a screwdriver see if it starts that way if it does. look into your cylinoid being bad. hope i helped a lil - sham

3)   You might have a few problems. First of all, when you put fuel in your car ,before you insert the fuel nozzle in your tank, always look in the nozzle to see if there is snow in it. This will shoot into your tank and turn into water, thus freezing in the fuel system. You need to put some fuel line anti freeze. The other problem you need to give more explanation. Like is the battery dead now ? Does the engine turn over? Is the alternator belt on or loose? Battery cables dirty? - Donny

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Question 5
chrysler voyager have a locking nut?...  we have just brought chrysler voyager 1997 and really happy but forgot to ask where the locking nut was. we have looked in all the secret compartments and cant find one. The previous owner didn't use it and never asked if there was one.
So is there one if not what are my options?
like with most cars there is a locking nut as extra security to remove the nuts on the wheels. it is unique to the car

1)   Why don't you let us know what you are looking for a locking nut for? - badbill1941

2) Enjoy! - ?

3)   We had this problem when a owner lost the special 'nut' to his wheels. The parts department kept a case with all the different nuts so he could pick the right one and order the customer a new one. See if any dealers in your area still has a case. - Jackolantern

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