Tuesday, June 22, 2010

what do you think of a person with a Chrysler PT Cruiser?

Question 1
what do you think of a person with a Chrysler PT Cruiser?...  a) If a teenage girl has a Chrysler PT Cruiser
b) If a teenage boy has a Chrysler PT Cruiser
c) If an adult (male or female) has a Chrysler PT Cruiser

1)   not much - ken k

2)   I don't think anything of it. I don't judge people by what they drive, its a dumb as judging them by what color they are. Maybe it's their friend's car. Maybe they borrowed it. Maybe they inherited it from their grandpa, and it has sentimental value. Don't worry about it. - D

3)   a)they drive a PT Cruiser.
b)they also drive a PT Cruiser.
c)they too, drive a PT Cruiser.

That's about it. Other than a brief thought..."Do they know it's really a Neon?" - Sean

4)   don't judge people by what they drive. - roadawg

5)   Does not matter what they drive, a person is not judged by what they drive, eat, or what color they are, they are judged by their actions. People who judge others based on what they drive should look at the mirror themselves and as why they are so superficial when they have so many flaws themselves. - wiseornotyoudecide

6)   i call myself a looser and think its ugly everytime I get in mine. - Just Me.

7)   don't judge a person by what they drive. go by who they are. - badbill1941


Question 2
how much should it cost to get breaks and rotors changed for a 2000 chrysler grand voyager?...  in indiana if that maters. is $300 a good price

1)   if you do it your self you just pay for the pads and the turning of the rotosrs under 150 bucks - v4power

2)   $300 is good. That's for the front, right? 4 wheel will cost more. - John

3)   Depends on if you do it yourself or not. Pretty much any shop you take it into is going to rip you off, some worse than others. I have a pickup truck, I was paying $600 to have just my front breaks changed and got tired of it. The parts are cheap. $300 isn't the worst I've ever heard but still not great. You could do all 4 for around $100 if you do it yourself. Definitely ask around every place will tell you something different. - andrew

4)   BRAKES on front and new discs is the question? if it MATTERS 300 hundred is ok - ken k

5)   Go to autozone or other shops around u where u can buy just parts then go to a mechanik and ask him how much he wiil charge per hour to do the job usualy no more then 2hours and all toghether should cost u less then 300 i would say like 170 if u do the fron and with back it migh get to 300 - Prikindel

6)   Here in NJ at a private shop 350-400. The brakes are about 100 per axle, good rotors maybe 50 each. 300 is a fair deal. - stephen c


Question 3
Chrysler Sebring Convertible Won't Leave Park?...  I have a 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible.
It was working great until a minute ago. I parked it and came back and now it's stuck in park.
Everything is working great except the gear shifter. starts and everything...
I have tried over-riding it from the manual but that didn't work. I have also checked the fuse box. But no luck either.

Any advice??

Thanks in advance!!
Yes, I am pressing the break down.

1)   Does the shifter move? If so maybe the linkage came loose. - Barcadcadacada

2)   lol are you pressing the brake pedal down when your trying to put it in gear?

your probably broke something in the shifter itself, I doubt it's your actual transmission, possibly be a Linkage issue. - michael

3)   Your shifter module is is broken. You can release the shifter by hand. There should be a small removeable square or rectangle on the shifter. Remove that piece and stick a screwdriver or pin through the hole to press down on the pink lever. You will still need to put your foot on the brake to move it out of gear. There are more detailed instructions in the owner's manual. Good luck. - C-Tech

4)   I would put my money on the linkage also. Probably have to take it to a shop via tow truck and get it checked. - Steve Stifler

5)   Ok I just answered this for someone else so here it goes. You have a broken spring in the shifter itself. That is why you can't move it with the manual override. You need to take off the chrome trim bezel (it just pulls up and out). Then look inside there you will see a pink lever with a cable attached to it on the drivers side of the shifter towards the front. Using a small screwdriver or pen or whatever you have pry the little pink lever towards the rear of the vehicle. You need to have the ignition on and the brake applied and with your other hand moving the shift lever. Pull the shifter into neutral and set the park brake. You can then start the vehicle in neutral then shift to drive or reverse as needed and get it to a shop to have the shifter replaced. You will have to do this anytime you put it into park and want to drive it again. Good luck - Mike J


Question 4
Why is the AC in my 2001 Town & Country only blowing hot air?...  

1)   It's broken! - Bob L

2)   sounds like you have a leak in the AC system, get it recharged and have them look for leaks, try to take it to a AES mechanic http://locator.ase.com/blue/ you are taking a serious chance with any uncertified mechanic. they will rip you off for hundreds of dollars maybe thousands - Lost Templar

3)   with a little help, we might be able to help. with the info you gave, take it to an a/c shop. - badbill1941

4)   umm... ummm... i know this one... umm... oh yeah!!
its broken!!!! &: - fifinater


Question 5
how much a 2006 chrysler 300 is worth?...  we looking to trade it in

1)   check www.kbb.com. Enter the specifics, mileage, condition etc and it will give you a value. - Franky D

2)   on yahoo home page...go to cars/used...look yours up....hemi is worth something,,others not so much - pedro7of9

3)   Click on this link or copy and paste this link in your browser and you can look up the value of your car.
http://www.cars.com/go/kbb/kbbInput.jsp - Larry

4)   webuyanycar.com will tell you - 2pac 4 lyfe


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