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2003 Chrysler Sebring 140k miles?

Question 1
2003 Chrysler Sebring 140k miles?...  Is 140k miles on a chrysler sebring bad?

1)   well its defff not good, but if it has had all it its maintenance done on time and what not, then it should last till 200k if your lucky....

answer mine plz
http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AoTGWnc_Kn8WbactRhbrbZ7ty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100626154953AARr4T5 - Dude-im-bored

2)   There's no such thing as a Chrysler Sebring with 140k miles on it. - Trace Miller

3)   maintanance is key. Both my dodges have over 150k miles, and run and run and run. - done wrenching

4)   How much are they selling it for?

Why do you ask a question but leave details that can be important out. To best give you a accurate answer its best you tell us as much detail of the car as possible. Like what if they are selling the car for 5,000 or 20,000? You see we can tell you that for the money is a good deal or bad. Also was it ever a rental and other details. Why don't you post your questions correctly? - kdbg69

5)   Don't walk, RUN from that car! Sebrings start dying at 100K (if you're lucky!) - Jill D.


Question 2
I have a 2004 Pt Crusier and the A/C Freon* is leaking at the expansion valve. Where is it located?...  I would also like to know a place I can purchase this part at.
I had a shop analyze the problem. The used a special liquid that you could only see wearing special glasses and they said it shooting out the expansion valve.

1)   if you dont know where its located, how do you know thats were its leaking from???

the expansion valve is normally located on the Evaporator case in dash

by part at local parts store or your local dealer - Jeff

2)   That die is a ultraviolet sensitive die. And why didn't the shop that did the test show you where the leak is? That way you would know where it is and if it is really leaking.
My suggestion is that you go back, have them show you the leak, give you a complete estimate and how the process of how the job is done, and when that is all done and said, you just might see why something like that will need a professional to do the job. Because you could end up seriously injuring yourself and further damaging the a/c system, its not just replace part and charge it. - rick b

3)   Go with what Ric B. says - C-Tech

4)   The expansion valve looks like a big rectangular piece of aluminum - badbill1941

5)   If memory serves me, Chrysler did away with the expansion valve except on rear AC units in the minivans and went to capillary tubes. Get a second opinion. - Jackolantern


Question 3
My g/f wana buy Chrysler PT ..anyone know anything about this car,,? thanks?...  hello everyone,,my g/f wana buy Chrysler PT and we both dont know anything about this car,,plzz some help if anyone know anything about this car,,thanks alot..

1)   dont get it i had one and the transmission went out and they wanted $5,000 for it and the car wasnt even worth $2,000 so it didnt hold its value and it was junk - josh

2)   they fall apart, i know that and look bad doing it. - Patrick

3)   They are basically neons just slightly larger and neons arent a reliable car at all. Mine had the head gasket blow every 40,000 miles at 80,000 enough was too much and sold it for parts - howie

4)   It's a pretty good car, very few problems out of them when taken care of, meaning the maintenance is done at proper intervals, and it isn't driven like a race car.

Contrary to popular rumors, there's very few problems with Chrysler transmissions that require a replacement or rebuild. The reason this myth keeps on going is from transmission shops who are either incompetent on Chrysler transmissions, or dishonest and willing to do anything to get a bigger sale. Most Chrysler trans problems can be fixed without rebuilding or replacing the trans.

Sure, there's one goes out every once in a while, but that's with every manufacturer, not just Chrysler. It also has some to do with how a vehicle is driven and taken care of as to how long a transmission will last. A vehicle driven normal and fluid changed regularly (about every 40k-50k miles or so) will be more likely to last a good long while -- a vehicle driven like it's a race car and never had the fluid changed will likely not last nearly as long. (Chrysler's maintenance schedule says trans fluid change isn't necessary, but I prefer to keep mine changed regularly).

The looks are a matter of opinion, and who cares what anyone else thinks if you like the way it looks. They aren't buying, driving, or paying for it, you are.

As far as being the same as a Neon, they were loosely based on the Neon platform, but are not the exact same, and it isn't just a larger Neon. Neons were very well-built vehicles, however, the first few years they were available they did have some head gasket problems. This problem with the gaskets was taken care of by 1997, long before the PT was available, not to mention it was a smaller engine (2.0 instead of the 2.4 the PT's have).

Everyone I know who has owned either a PT or a Neon has loved their car and gotten a lot of use out of it. - Mark B


Question 4
I have a 98 Chrysler Sebring jxi. I buy regular gas but I know midgrade burns slower. Would it b safe 2 swtch?...  Is there only ONE type of gas meant for this car?
I have a 6 cylinder I believe

1)   midgrade burns slower? who told you that?

regular gas is fine for that car, midgrade will only waste money - Dave87gn

2)   The higher grade means higher octane rating which means that it will resist pre detonation
or "ping". It is the same gas and additives otherwise. Generally the higher octane is used with engines with higher compression ratios ( more stroke less chamber area). Look in your owners manual and use the gas with the correct octane. If it says 87 octane you are simply wasting money by using a higher grade. - peedeesuave

3)   Check your owners manual , you can probably use regular 87 octane fuel ,HOWEVER the higher grades of fuel have more than just higher octane , they also have other additives in them that may be beneficial to your car/situation.If you switch to a higher grade of fuel and do not notice any improvements , you can always switch back. - Kevi

4)   midgrade is made for engines with a little bit higher compression to resist pre-det. running regular 87 in your car will do it no harm it is actually recommended. so dont waste your money or time - chris!


Question 5
84 chrysler lebaron good or bad?...  im looking about buying my first car i hae found one i really like its a 84 chrysler lebaron conertible i hae had some one look at it for me as well eerything runs good all it needs it tires new radio and the breaks bled do u think this would be a good starting out car. im 18 btw and also the car is only $400 with no rust!

1)   I do not think starting with a 26 year old car is a good bet - look for something younger than you are. - roadrunner426440

2)   They were not very good cars new, and most likely this one would be a money pit, chances are the roof leaks and tires and brakes would only be the begining of your repair bills. On the other hand, if u can get cheap used tires, and the brakes just need bled, It would definately be worth $400, even if you only drove it for a few months before it blew up. Just dont start dumping money into it, drive it until something expensive breaks and buy a new car! - njonwomack

3)   I started working for Chrysler in 82. And I have got to tell you that they didn't make very reliable cars (except for the mini vans) until around 90. I think buying an 84 ANYTHING from Chrysler is a bad idea! And the convertibles were the worse. - Jackolantern


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