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how do i know if my roadrunner has a 2bbl or 4bbl?

Question 1
how do i know if my roadrunner has a 2bbl or 4bbl?...  I have a 1972 plymouth roadrunner,6.6 liter 400 engine automatic,all stock how can i find out if my car has a 2bbl or 4bbl?& if someone can please explain what both mean thanks!

1)   bbl is short for barrel and when referring to carburetors it is how many tubes with venturis the air passes through. Take the air cleaner housing off and look at the carb, open the choke butterfly valves and count them - wondering

2)   Take the air cleaner top off and look at the carburetor -- if it has four throats/holes (look under the plate covering them), and it does, it is a four barrel.
If it had two throats/holes it would be a two barrel but it isn't.
It means you have four nozzles/jets feeding the eight cylinders, as opposed to two if it was a two barrel.
That engine was rated at 255 h.p.
Original carburetor was a Carter 650cfm Thermoquad. What this means to you is that the front barrels (primaries) will be smaller than the back two (secondaries). This gives better fuel mileage at less than WOT (wide open throttle) and is similar to the Rochester Quadrajet in that respect. - Lone Wolf

3)   I believe in 72 all 400 road runner engines had the 4 barrel thermoquad. - done wrenching

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Question 2
What's a good name for a baby blue PT cruiser?...  I just bought my first car and its a Pt cruiser baby blue. The only problem is that I just can't think of a name. :(

1)   Petie. Its funny and original(: - shaye

2)   "Thing." Not being reminds me of a modern day Volkswagon Thing, just funnier looking and it doesn't float on water.

Or "Breaky." It is a Chrysler. - '10kid

3)   Irv was the janitors real name but all the kids called him cruiser-so Irv - toolfanvicarious

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Question 3
PT cruiser for a first car?...  I'm turning 18 and for my birthday my dad is buying me a car that I get to pick out with in reason.... I really like the PT cruisers but I'm afraid I'm going to be made fun of if I get one. Are they good first cars and do you think they're ugly?

1)   check out the chevy HHR if you like PT cruisers. They're similar, but not ugly like cruisers - Granticus Prime

2)   You will be disappointed how few miles per gallon it gets. I know someone who has one and it can get as few as 13 MPG in town. After three visits to the dealer and quite a bit of money spent they told her there was nothing wrong with the car. - ugiidriver

3)   Before buying the car you should also compare insurance prices for these cars to estimate how much you will really pay for it - - Vins

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Question 4
My Chrysler 300m battery died, replaced with good used one. Car won't start?...  Left lights on and door open. Battery died. Jump started it but seemed weak. Replaced battery And now won't start. Help please
Tim that actually happened with the original battery. It winded up then try start with but no fuel was being sent. So I replaced the batter with my dads which was fine because it worked in his truck. But my car has power won't even turn this time.
My car has power as in alarm works, lights, and gauges but won't start. Just sounds like battery is dead. Maybe a new battery?

1)   Will the engine turn over when you try to start it? If it will then your probably not getting fuel.
Check your emergency fuel shut off. Most of the time the reset button is in the trunk. - Tim Pope

2)   It sounds like the battery is dead. Jump it then drive it around for 30 mins or an hour to charge it up enough to start again. - Daniel

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Question 5
Free Radio code for my Chrysler Voyager! URGENT!?...  hi folks, i have recently had my Chrysler Voyager in the garage and they took the battery out and now im left without my radio as a have not got the radio code, the silence is killing me!!
if anybody could help that would be excellent;
my date code is : 2049
my serial number is: S/NTQ1AA2049E5266

1)   contact a Chrystler dealer for that - Timbo is here

2)   code is 2545 - Regforge

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