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Recall on Chrysler 300?

Question 1
Recall on Chrysler 300?...  Is there a current recall on 2006 Chrydler 300's?Because the car I have is a 06' Chrysler 300 which I purchased 2 years ago and something is wrong with it.My car starts up but the gear shift is stuck & won't move.I had a mechanic come out to check it out.He said that he couldn't do anything because everything in the car has to be done electronically.If I take the car to the dealership they'll charge me an arm & a leg.Any helpful suggestions??Thanks in Advance!!

1)   contact a dealership with your vehicle info, and they should tell you if there are any recalls. if there is a recall, the dealership should fix it at no charge to you - Steven

2)   I just had a 300 with this same problem. The interlock inside the shifter assembly has broken. Youi have to replace the shifter assembly. I believe that the shifter was $68 and the labor was $80. It doesn't take longer than an hour to do. There is no recall related to this condition it just happens sometimes. Its not that common so its not like you will keep doing this. - Mike J

3)   Contact the dealership and they can tell you if there is a recall. Be prepared to give them your car's vin. - C-Tech

4)   You can try looking up Chrysler's head office or look for their site online use your ownerships Vin numbers and check to see if that model has any recall or service bulletin or flash/program updates related or unrelated to this you can call a couple of dealerships local or otherwise and ask them for the info.

Try jacking it up onto some stands, brace the wheels with a block etc and put the emg brake on , you will then be able to check the transmission and any cables going to it. - helpful bob

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Question 2
My 99 Chrysler Town and Country van lost its reverse today. It drives fine in forward gears. .?...  It will reverse a little after you rev up the rpms, but will not go back at all when accelertating. What could be the problem and what to do?

David Patrick

1)   f - Ben Rothwell

2)   You have transmission problem. Mechanics may rip u off. Try this first. Drain n fill fluid (not flush). Buy high mileage fluid. Add lucas transmission conditioner. See if this solves the issue. Report back please. - Toyo

3)   Chrysler has a problem with the "shift solenoid pack". Does not require trans removal. - Dennis

4)   Ok is the fluid level good? That is the first step. Second when did you last have the filter changed? That is important also as low fluid or plugged filter can cause this condition. Next do you have second gear? If you do then that eliminatesthe second and reverse (front) sun gear as the problem. That leaves valve body issue or the reverse clutch. Those are your only options. It is not the solenoid pack as the solenoids are not energized for reverse. If I had to bet I would say that the reverse clutch is not holding and the friction material is burnt up. You will need to find a good mechanic or find a used trans and install it. Sorry for the bad news but this doesn't look very good for you. - Mike J

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Question 3
why do old people drive the chrysler 300?...  

1)   I see alot of them in the projects with candy paint, then it parks and a little old black woman gets out. - Procrasturbating

2)   Bc they'r retro.

And baby thugs like em too. - Top Source

3)   Seems like every type of person has there own kinda car. the black guys like the Cadillac's on 25inch rims. the old people like the chryslers. 16 year old girls love mustangs. etc.. - Bill

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Question 4
2005 300 stuck in park?...  

1)   Stuck in a city, state, or national park? - biggsinbrasil

2)   You've been stuck in a park since 2005?! Call 911 I guess :p - stevut0990

3)   Make sure you press the brake pedal all the way. It may be that the brake/transmission interlock isn't working anymore. There's an override on the right hand side of the gear selector housing. Take out the plastic chrome-looking square around gear-selector housing, reach down at the bottom right hand corner to depress a level and that should allow you to take it out of park while the lever is depressed. Then you can drive it someplace to get it fixed.

Edited: I went and looked at my car. Removing the chrome square doesn't work. The cubby hole next to the gear selector has a black plastic liner that comes out (peel it back on the right hand side to get it started). Then you can put your finger in a hole near the rear left of the cubby hole and you'll touch what feels like a plastic tab. Press the tab in and at the same time shift the car out of park. The car has to be running so have your foot on the brake (might be best to have some help). Then you can drive it to a shop to get the brake-transmission interlock repaired. - sheltown

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Question 5
how much does it cost to replace a steering column in a 1999 chrysler sebring?...  

1)   More then the car is worth. - Ho

2)   Why would you have to?? - Dennis

3)   Anywhere from $300-$500 plus the part, depending on the shop and if there was any other damage. - C-Tech

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